Small Things Community
$15 / month
Vibrant Community of Catholic Women
Each month we will dive into a topic important for Catholic Women. You will be provided with several short, powerful videos on that topic, which will be discussed with the group.
As a member of the community, you will have access to ALL of my published materials, including patterns, the Catholic Wife Academy and enjoy 50% off all published materials, such as the planner and Rosary Book.
The last week of the month, the community will host a book virtual book club. To take part, you will be asked to read 1 AMAZING Catholic book. And don't worry! We will be reading and discussing what I like to call "bathtub books".
Above all else, the Community is a place to find support, sisterhood and friendship.
Catholic Wife Academy
A Video-Based Course for Catholic Married Women
6 Modules will walk you through, what it means to be Catholic Married People, The Wisdom of JPII, Showing and Feeling Loved in Marriage, Communication, Respect, Sexual Intimacy, Money, In-Laws, Work Stress and Prayer in Marriage
Over 300 Women have already graduated from The Catholic Wife's Academy.

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