Because My Worth is not Based on my Countertops

Getting a house ready to list and hopefully sell has been one of the most demoralizing, stressful and exhausting experiences of my life. I have never been deluded into thinking I live in a nicer house than I do.  Better Homes and Gardens were never going to come a-knocking and the idea of having any of my rooms featured in any sort of publication is laughable. And yet, both my husband and I loved our home and loved entertaining in our home.  Over the nearly 6 years that we lived in that house we hosted a multitude of parties and never once was I ashamed as I opened the front door and welcomed people in.  Never once. I wasn't raised in a showroom.  I was raised in an imperfect house, full of kids and noise and less than perfect features, but lots of love.  And that is all I've ever hoped to give my kids.  Before this experience I never really cared much about having a house that offered more than that. And then we decided to move to Kansas and in less then a month we totally decluttered the house, cleaned it within an inch of it's life, moved ...
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