Fall Leaves Embroidery Hoop Art

fall leaves embroidery hoop art

Well, all of a sudden it’s fall here.  2 weeks ago we were sweating and miserable, and now I am dressing the kids in winter coats.  What happened?  I guess that’s just life in Minnesota. Although I am (admittedly) throwing myself a where-did-summer-go pity party I am trying to get excited about fall–and my favorite […]

Nativity Characters Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

Nativity Characters Cross Stitch Pattern

So, a few days ago I posted a Halloween cross stitch pattern and I apologized about jumping ahead to that holiday.  Well, today I’m jumping even further ahead–to Christmas with this Nativity Character Counted Cross Stitch Pattern.  And, to be blunt, I am in love with this little project.  As my husband can attest I […]

Halloween Character Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

Halloween Characters cross stitch pattern

Well, it’s September, so that means Halloween, right?  According to the stores and pinterest that certainly seems to the case. And, although I hate that summer is suddenly over and we have moved onto all things fall, I am sharing a Halloween project today: Halloween Character Counted Cross Stitch Pattern.  I’m sharing it this early […]

St. Therese Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

therese counted cross stitch pattern

Well, it’s a thrilling day around the blog–I have a guest post/crafter, of sorts today.  In the past I have featured my niece Mary’s crafty creations, but today I am sharing the embroidery work of my niece Therese.  She stitched up a pattern I made of her patron saint: St. Therese Counted Cross Stitch Pattern. […]

Modern Apple Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

modern apple counted cross stitch pattern

  Hello!  I have another cross stitch pattern for you today: Modern Apple Counted Cross Stitch Pattern.  Perfect for teacher appreciation gifts!  In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a cross stitch kick lately and I am really in love with colorful projects that let me show off all the pretty […]

Bride and Groom Cross Stitch #3

bride and groom cross stitch tutorial and pattern

I have shared a few bride and groom cross stitch projects, but I have saved the best for last–me and my husband!  And, no offence to my sisters, but I think mine turned out the best!  I am so excited to share it with you, especially since it’s August and in just a few short […]

Unicorn Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

unicorn counted cross stitch pattern cg

Well, I’ve been stitching again.  This time I’ve made a Unicorn Counted Cross Stitch Pattern.  And, I think I might be totally in love with it.  What’s better than a unicorn?  A cross stitched unicorn, that’s what! Before I dive into the project and share the free pattern I just wanted say a word about […]

St. Kateri Tekakwitha Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

St. Kateri cross stitch pattern

Lately I’ve been in a bit of a cross stitch mood, have you noticed?  And here I go again with St. Kateri Tekawitha Counted Cross Stitch Pattern. I love all types of embroidery, but I have a special place in my hear for cross stitch.  It is the first type of embroidery I ever did […]

Cross Stitch Bride and Groom #2

cross stitch bride and groom tutorial

Hello!  Over the past few weeks I have been stitching up a storm and sharing a few of these bride and groom cross stitch projects.  I am excited to be sharing another one with you today–this time of my dear younger sister, Maria and her wonderful husband Joe.  Just so you know, I am going […]

Free Cross Stitch Font

free cross stitch font

Hello!  Today I am stopping by just briefly to share a free cross stitch font that I have been using lately in all of my cross stitch projects.  It is simple and yet a little bit stylish.  Here it is: And, because the baby is crying already, that’s all I got!   Happy Stitching!

Coloring Aida Cloth

how to color aida cloth for cross stitch

Hi!  I am stopping by to share something I used in this project: Coloring Aida Cloth.  Now, in case you don’t know, aida cloth is the name for the fabric you use while cross stitching.  Maybe I’m a little slow, but I have been cross stitching for years and I just figured that out a […]

Cross Stitch Bride and Groom #1

cross stitch wedding bride and groom with pattern

Hello and welcome back for some more cross stitching fun (at least I hope you are having fun)!  Today I am sharing with you my first cross stitch bride and groom.  Just like my family portraits, these are easy to plan, stitch–and turn out so cute.  This particular cross stitch bride and groom is my […]

Cross Stitch Family Portrait #2 {free pattern}

family portrait in cross stitch--tutorial

And, I’m back with another cross stitch family portrait!  There was a time when I used to post of this little blog EVERY DAY.  (Every day!) and now, I’m lucky if I get something up here once a week.  Oh well.  You might have guessed, but it is actually very difficult to type/stitch/edit/anything with a […]

State Love: Beginner’s Embroidery Project

state love embroidery

It is a good thing love where you are from.  And, although this was put to the test for most Minnesotans this winter (wow) I can still say that I love where I live: Minnesota.  It’s nothing fancy and it gets terribly cold, but it’s where I was born, it’s where my children were born […]

Cross Stitch Bible Bookmarks

cross stitch bible bookmark with free pattern from www.dosmallthingswithlove.com

Hello!  I am freshly back from SNAP! bloggers conference and have a million new ideas swirling around in my head.  Mostly, however, I have been thinking about how I need to make good on what I wrote in this post, about being a Catholic blogger and allowing my faith to take more of a lead […]

Embroidering Paper with Amy Tangerine

embroidered paper tutorial with Amy tangerine

This project post is a part of a paid marketing campaign with Snap. Although this post is sponsored the project idea and all opinions expressed are my own. Hello!  As you know, if you have stopped by Do Small Things with Love before, I like to embroider…a lot.  Just when I was starting to think that […]

Embroidered Lace Pillow

embroidered lace pillow 2

Thank you to Wholeport.com for sponsoring this post. Hello and happy Thursday!  I have been stitching away, once again, and I am excited to share with you my latest creation: Embroidered Lace Pillow.  A few weeks ago I shared a little embroidered lace pouch that I stitched up using this same lace from Wholeport.com…and it […]

Embroidered Lace Clutch Tutorial

embroidered lace clutch

Thank you to Wholeport.com for sponsoring this post. Hello and thanks for stopping by today.  I have a fun little embroidered lace clutch tutorial to share with you.  Really, I’m just in love with this project.  It’s pretty, right?  It is one of those projects that I went into without a clear plan, just a […]

Valentine’s Embroidery Hoop Art

valentines embroidery hoop art 1

I’ve got a problem.  I just love embroidery hoops.  And here I go today, sharing ANOTHER embroidery hoop project: Valentines Embroidery Hoop Art.  This project is simple, so I’m not going to belabor the details here. Stitches and Steps for Valentine’s Embroidery Hoop Art: As a first step I sewed on a few layers of […]

Snowflake Hoop Art: 3 Ways

sf collage

There is no denying it, winter is here and here to stay.  It is cold, cold, cold and we are deeply entrenched in snow, like most of your probably are too.  And so, like at Halloween, I took this seasonal inspiration and created some snowflake hoop art.  My inspiration went in three different directions and […]