State Love: Beginner’s Embroidery Project

state love embroidery

It is a good thing love where you are from.  And, although this was put to the test for most Minnesotans this winter (wow) I can still say that I love where I live: Minnesota.  It’s nothing fancy and it gets terribly cold, but it’s where I was born, it’s where my children were born […]

Cross Stitch Bible Bookmarks

cross stitch bible bookmark with free pattern from

Hello!  I am freshly back from SNAP! bloggers conference and have a million new ideas swirling around in my head.  Mostly, however, I have been thinking about how I need to make good on what I wrote in this post, about being a Catholic blogger and allowing my faith to take more of a lead […]

Embroidering Paper with Amy Tangerine

embroidered paper tutorial with Amy tangerine

This project post is a part of a paid marketing campaign with Snap. Although this post is sponsored the project idea and all opinions expressed are my own. Hello!  As you know, if you have stopped by Do Small Things with Love before, I like to embroider…a lot.  Just when I was starting to think that […]

Embroidered Lace Pillow

embroidered lace pillow 2

Thank you to for sponsoring this post. Hello and happy Thursday!  I have been stitching away, once again, and I am excited to share with you my latest creation: Embroidered Lace Pillow.  A few weeks ago I shared a little embroidered lace pouch that I stitched up using this same lace from…and it […]

Embroidered Lace Clutch Tutorial

embroidered lace clutch

Thank you to for sponsoring this post. Hello and thanks for stopping by today.  I have a fun little embroidered lace clutch tutorial to share with you.  Really, I’m just in love with this project.  It’s pretty, right?  It is one of those projects that I went into without a clear plan, just a […]

Valentine’s Embroidery Hoop Art

valentines embroidery hoop art 1

I’ve got a problem.  I just love embroidery hoops.  And here I go today, sharing ANOTHER embroidery hoop project: Valentines Embroidery Hoop Art.  This project is simple, so I’m not going to belabor the details here. Stitches and Steps for Valentine’s Embroidery Hoop Art: As a first step I sewed on a few layers of […]

Snowflake Hoop Art: 3 Ways

sf collage

There is no denying it, winter is here and here to stay.  It is cold, cold, cold and we are deeply entrenched in snow, like most of your probably are too.  And so, like at Halloween, I took this seasonal inspiration and created some snowflake hoop art.  My inspiration went in three different directions and […]

Ornament Shaped Felt Gift Tags

ornament shaped felt gift tag 2

Hi friends!  I’m stopping by just briefly today to share some fun ornament shaped felt gift tags that I stitched up to put on my kid’s gifts this Christmas.  I really love adding a little hand-made to store bought gifts, and these tags and simple and quick to stitch up.  I hope you are inspired […]

Simple Cross Stitched Christmas Ornaments

cross stitched joy 2

I mentioned last week in this post that Christmas gets me in the mood to cross stitch.  And, today’s project, simple Cross Stitched Christmas Ornaments, fits right into that theme.  As I’ve shared before, it is a tradition (or competition?!?) between my sisters and I that we cross stitch up, often times elaborate Christmas Stocking […]

Satin Stitch Christmas Tree Pillow

Satin stitch Christmas Tree Pillow 2

Hello!  Once again, I have been stitching and I am excited to be sharing my Satin Stitch Christmas tree pillow with you.  I am really happy with how it turned out, and although it takes a little time to complete, it is actually a very simple project, without a terrible about of skill needed.  Really! […]

Cross Stitched Ornaments

cross stitch ornaments

 Hello!  Today I have a cross stitch project to share with you, one that I actually stitched up a few years ago.  I made these Cross Stitch Ornaments back in 2011 for my in-laws, to mark the first Christmas that they were grandparents.  You see, unlike on my side of the family, on my husband’s […]

Felt Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments

gingerbread Christmas ornament 4

Hello!  I am excited to be sharing a fun little felt ornament today: Felt Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments.  I am particularly excited about these ornaments because they are our family ornaments for 2013.  You see, each year I like to stitch up little ornaments that capture what our family looks like at the time.  Last year […]

Embroidery Hoop Ornament

embroidered ornament 1

Hello friends! I am excited to be sharing a simple little ornament with you all today, an embroidery hoop ornament.  In case you have yet to pick it up, I really like embroidery and have a thing for embroidery hoop art.  Why should this change with my Christmas crafting? I’m not the first one to […]

Embroidered United States of America

embroidered united states of america 2

Hi friends! Today I have another embroidery project to share with you–one that I am really proud of: An Embroidered United States of America.  Before I dive into the tutorial, I want to be totally honest.  I did not come up with this idea.  I saw a project very similar to this one on pinterest…but…when […]

Fall Embroidery Hoop Art: Paint and Thread

fall leaf embroidery hoop

Hello!  Today I have some beautiful Fall Embroidery Hoop Art to share with you that I made with the help of my lovely niece Mary.  It’s simple, fun and really captures the most beautiful part of fall in my eyes: the changing colors of the leaves.  Another thing that I really love about this project […]

Printing on Fabric: Embroidery Hoop Photo

embroidery hoop photo

Hello and welcome!  I’m glad you stopped by today because I am sharing a super easy project that requires no stitching: An Embroidery Hoop Photo.  But, better yet I’m going to share how to print a photo onto fabric with your printer.  It might sound crazy, but it is totally possible to print a picture […]

Spooky Kitty No-Stitch Embroidery Hoop

Spooky Kitty Embroidery Hoop Art

I have no idea why, but I find black cats a little spooky.  Don’t we all?  Especially this time of year, just days from Halloween.  I couple of days ago I shared this Scribble Stitch Kitty as part of my Halloween Embroidery Hoop Collection, but that kitty just didn’t capture the spooky essence of a […]

Pretty Girl Embroidery Hoop, and a Carter’s Giveaway!

pretty girl embroidery hoop art

Post and giveaway sponsored by Carter’s, but all opinions are my own.  See below for more info. Happy Monday, Friends!  I have an action-packed post for you this morning: a project, a giveaway and lots of cute pictures of my kids. Great way to start the week, right?  So, let’s get to it! First off, […]

Pro-Life Embroidery (Confetti Stitch)

Confetti Stitch Embroidery Tutorial

Although it’s late in coming, today we are (finally) celebrating October, Pro-Life month with a little confetti embroidery!  Because being pro-life does not meas simply fighting against all that is destructive to life (although it certainly includes this) it also means celebrating life in all stages.  Life is good, just like God is good.  I […]

My Blogging Journey: The Power of Getting Spoiled


This past weekend I had the joy of attending Bloggy Boot Camp in Minneapolis (thanks mom, for watching the kids).  I have been blogging for about a year, but this was my first conference about blogging.  I had a blast, made some great connections, got totally spoiled, didn’t take enough pictures, learned a ton, met […]