Our Catholic faith is an incredible gift. It sustains us and guides us, yet at times during these years of babies and housework, it can be a struggle to FULLY ENGAGE with our faith. What is more, as Catholic Mothers we not only crave a closeness with our God, but we are charged with raising faith-filled children and creating a holy home.

We take this work of living and teaching the faith very seriously, but we often forget one very important ingredient: Creativity.

I believe that creativity is one of the most powerful ways we can engage with and teach our Catholic Faith.

I believe that crafting can be a prayer.

I believe that children learn best when given the opportunity to create–and that we should use their creativity to help them fall in love with God and his church.

And finally, I believe that anyone, young or old, can create meaningful, beautiful things. Even you.

On this site you will find countless ways to live out your faith by engaging your creativity.

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Many many women (and their families) have already benefited from the ideas and projects shared here.

I love reading your posts and sharing them with my friends. Your honesty and love for your family (and crafts!) is inspiring. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your life and joy with us! ” -Lisa

Oh, I just ran across your patterns and I love them! Keep up the good work. I am a cross stitch lover. Just bought the 40 saint set, the 21 saint set, and the nativity set. Love, love, love it.” -Debbie on the CROSS STITCH SAINTS

Love this, easy to follow instructions and such a special treasure for my littles. Thank you!!!!” -Elizabeth on the MASS QUIET BOOK

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Imagine a project that allows you an opportunity to use your God-given creativity AND pulls you more deeply into your faith.  Imagine simple creative projects that give you an opportunity to teach your children the faith in a fun, exciting way.

When you become a member of the Do Small Things with Love Community, you will learn to embrace your creativity and use it in the humble work of teaching, living and loving the Catholic Faith.

Make Crafting a Prayer

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Welcome! I’m Nancy,

I have always LOVED creating–stitching, painting, coloring–I love it all.  Years ago I feel DEEP into the Pinterest craze of creating, but crafting just for the sake of crafting is sort of pointless…and without a link to something bigger, we are simply creating stuff. And who needs more stuff?

However, when our creativity is combined with the Beauty and the Truth of the Catholic Church, we are able to teach the faith to our children, honor our God and beautify our homes in a way that is meaningful and prayerful. Thus, not only what we create, but the very act of creating it, can calm our spirits, make us more present mothers and pull us into a deeper relationship with our God.

Ready to get started?  Check out my PATTERN SHOP!

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This is absolutely beautiful. My 11-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, has chosen St. Elizabeth of Hungary to stitch. Her best friend wants to do St. Therese. We are also thinking to do a “family sampler”. I have enjoyed cross-stitching for a very long time and I’m so pleased to have such beautiful patterns to share with my daughter.“-Angela on the the CROSS STITCH SAINTS

“Just wanted to say that I can’t get enough of your blog!” -Allie

Make Crafting a Prayer

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