7 Day Challenge for at-home parents.

Find a project that is big enough to keep you happy and healthy while parenting full-time.

Find Your Passion Project

Imagine having something you looked forward to doing every day.

Imagine a project that is so enjoyable you feel ENERGIZED after working on it.

Imagine a project that you can slowly grow and maybe, one day, make money from, without ever having to give up caring for your children.

Imagine having something that is 100% yours.

Imagine finding yourself again and feeling productive and happy.

There is only 1 way to find lasting happiness as a stay-at-home parent.

You need to create a PASSION PROJECT for yourself.

This 7 day course will show you how.

Nearly 6 years ago I quit my job to stay home with my first baby.  I had ALWAYS wanted to stay home with my kids.  I never questioned that I would be happy as a stay-at-home mom...but I wasn't.

I denied feeling this way for a while, but soon I was quite depressed and looking seriously at going back to work.  It was heartbreaking.

As a last ditch effort to "keep from going nuts at home" I started a blog and worked on it a little each day as my baby napped.  That little blog quickly became a life-giving project that has changed and grown in amazing ways over the years.  

I am still home with my now 4 kids and proud to say that I am quite happy.  Maybe the happiest I have ever been.  

I love being a mom and being with my children, but I remain healthy and happy thanks to the on-line project I started many years ago.  I work to find me-time each day while home with the kids when I can work on my PASSION PROJECT.  And, after an hour of work I can return to my kids a better mom.

My At-Home Story

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