A Planner for Catholic Women

Introducing The Catholic Woman's Companion, a planner designed specifically for Catholic Women.

This planner was made to eliminate the paper mess we all live with.  Plan your day, your year, your menu, your liturgical seasons, your goals and finances all in this little book.  Find references for the daily readings and enjoy the adult coloring elements.  AND, flip to the back for a simple 12 month Bible Study.  

All that and more is in this one book, small enough to slip into a diaper bag.

Never forget another feast day, plan like a pro, and keep track of all that important information.  Let The Catholic Women's Companion make 2017 a great.

The Catholic Woman's Companion is an actual printed book, 5.5"x 8.5". 

Order today and it will arrive in about 2 weeks.

You can also purchase the digital PDF of this planner for $13 right HERE.

The Weekly Spread

The weekly spread also includes a few simple things to make your week more holy.

First off, all of the citations for the daily readings can be found under the date for each day.  There is also a verse from the Sunday Gospel included on the top of the spread, to help you carry the word of God with you throughout the week.

Finally, make your weekly intentions more present by jotting them down at the bottom of the page as you plan each week.

Let's take a peek inside the planner!

Below is what each "weekly spread" looks like.  Because this planner was made for you, a Catholic Woman, the days are divided up into "schedule" and "to do", with a place at the bottom of each day to plan your menu.  There is also a space on the side of each page to jot down the groceries you will need for that week's meals.

The Catholic Women's Companion also includes a Simple 12 Month Bible Study.

The study is based on lectio divina and offers a theme for each month.  For example, the theme for January is HOPE.  Each month you will plan out your prayer, in very practical terms.  Then, each week you will reflect on a single verse that will pull you deeper into the month's theme.  There is plenty of place to journal as you read and reflect on the verse.

Simple 12 Month Bible Study

And finally, each month concludes with some original artwork to color.  The hope is that as you color and reflect on the beautiful scripture passages of the month you can prayerfully listen to God and take a few baby steps towards holiness in your vocation as a Catholic Woman.

If you would like to get a better feel for the layout of this planner, sign up below for a digital copy of January 2017.  The digital copy includes only the calendars and Bible study, but it will give you a good feel for how this planner works.

After you sign up, the digital copy will be delivered directly to your email--but don't wait too long, the price will be going up on November 4th!

Other Elements

The Catholic Woman's Companion contains several other elements, specially designed to be easy to use and valuable in supporting you living fully and holy.  One of these pages is a monthly habit tracker.

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The Author

The Catholic Mother's Companion has been through about 10 drafts and a dozen reviewers.  Creating this Companion is what I did this summer--besides all of the usual mom stuff.  I worked so hard on this planner because I really want it to make a difference in your life (and in my life too!).

In creating this planner I wasn't interested in making something "pretty" that you would use once and then add it to the growing paper clutter we all live with.  No, I truly believe that we all can live happy, organized, holy lives as Catholic Women--we sometimes just need a few tools to get us there.

It is my deepest hope that this Catholic Woman's Companion is one of those tools in your life.

Hi, I'm Nancy.  Mom of 4 little ones, wife to a wonderful man, lover of the Catholic faith.  

Here's the truth: I made this planner for myself.  Life can get nutty around here, and as my kids start getting into more activities I know it will just get worse.  I needed a tool that would help me organize all of that--and also help me pray more, remember feast days and be intentional about living better in every way.

I wanted all of this in ONE BOOK.

So, with the help of a team of Catholic Mothers, that is what I have created.