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Felt and Button Skull Brooches {Halloween Craft}

felt and button skull brooches

So, Halloween is right around the corner and we are all gearing up for that.  Today I have some cute Skull Brooches, made out of felt and buttons, that will be perfect for Halloween.  Have you noticed how popular skulls are right now–especially cute skulls with bows in their hair?  At first I thought it was strange, and a little scary, but, I have to be honest, I’ve sort of jumped on board with this trend.  It’s a skull yes, but with a bow, and when made out of felt and buttons, they are sort of cute.  Theses felt and button Skull Brooches can be made in a matter of minutes and can be turned into a brooch (as mine are) or into a necklace pendant.

Want to make one yourself?  Here’ how:

skull how to

1. Draw a basic skull shape on a piece of paper (the shape is a circle cut in a little and flat at the bottom).  Then, take some packing tape and tape the template directly onto the felt.  Then, cut out two skull shapes.

2. Pull out our hoard of buttons (or, am I the only one that hoard buttons?)  Pick out a variety of buttons.

3. Use needle and thread to sew on your buttons.  They add three long stitches to the “mouth” of the skull.  Next, put the two skull pieces together and blanket stitch around the outside.

4.  Finally, add a bow and bar pin with some hot glue.

skull 4

Aren’t they cute?  Don’t the buttons just MAKE them?

skull 2

I really think that felt is the perfect material for this project.  It comes in so many great colors and it makes the sort of “hard” image of a skull and little bit softer.

skull 5

If you liked this project, make sure to check out this felt and button bat brooch {with free template!!}:

  bat cg

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Top 10 Projects of 2013 at Small Things With Love

top ten projects of 2013 at

Hello!  Today I am excited to share with you the top 10 projects of 2013 at Small Things with Love.  But first,  a few words about the blog in general.

This 1st of the year is a bit of a marker on this blog.  Last year, on the 1st of January, I started to blog seriously.  At the time I had no idea where it would lead (and I still don’t really), but I knew that I enjoyed it–all of it, creating, the photography, writing and designing.  So, today, on December 31st I have officially been blogging seriously for 1 year.  It was a major goal of mine that I reach today and still be blogging, and here I am.  There have certainly been a few missteps and false starts along the way, but here I am, still blogging, and knowing a how lot more about the crazy world of blogging than I did a year ago.

This year has seen lots of changes around here.  I left blogger for WordPress this fall, have seen tremendous growth, made some fabulous blogger friends and started to make a little money off of this crazy little blogging thing.  A year ago, if I had guessed where I year of blogging would lead me, I certainly wouldn’t have guessed here!  And that is exactly how I feel about the upcoming year!  I hope that I will still be blogging in a serious fashion a year from today, but with a baby (#3) coming in June, I know it will be a struggle at times.  I really do love it, and thank you to everyone that has ever stopped by this little blog, once or several times.  Without you I’d just be here talking to myself!

And so, as a way to close out my 1st year of serious blogging, I thought I’d share with you my most popular projects of 2013.  I really enjoyed putting these projects together, and was thrilled by their positive reception.  Here they are, listed from least to most popular:

washer flowers cg

10. DIY Washer Flowers

embroidered usa cg

9. Embroidered United States Pillow

gingerbread cg

8. Felt Gingerbread Ornament (Personalized for the Family)

Lenten Nail and String Art

7. Lenten Nail and String Art

embroidered girl

6. Embroidered Portrait with Felt Flowers

crazy coasters

5. Crazy Coasters

felt bat broach 1

4. Felt Bat Brooch

felt owl pouch 2

3. Felt Owl Pouch

glass transfer cg

2. Photo Transfer onto Glass

watercolor cg 1. Easy Watercolor Portrait

Thanks for being here!

And now…I just hope I can come up with some good ideas for 2014!

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