There are few things I treasure more than the words that Mary spoke during her many apparitions.

I love the words of motherly care she spoke to Juan Diego in Guadalupe. I treasure the words of happiness, not here but in the next world, she spoke to Bernadette in Lourdes.

But besides loving us, Mary always came with a serious message: We need to pray (the Rosary), and we need to do penance for the conversion of sinners.

Her message is always clear and direct: Prayer and Penance. And it was never clearer than in Fatima.

I have started to feel concerned about how we (me too!) get so caught up in the details and debate…all while overlooking these two very basic things, things important enough for Mary to come to Earth and speak about on multiple occasions.

Yes, it is important that we understand our theology. Yes, it is important that we understand the story of our salvation.

But, without prayer, without suffering offered up to God, does our intellectual knowledge really mean anything?

No, it does not.

These are the thoughts I have been wrestling with these past months–both for my own spiritual development, but also for the way I am called to steer this community.

Is our time really best used discussing the details of church teaching–or is it better if we focus instead on learning how to LIVE THE FAITH (namely through prayer and penance) FIRST.

Please don’t misunderstand me.

Theology discussions ARE important, but these discussions are not where we should begin–and they definitely are where we should end.

Instead we need to begin with PRAYER, TRUST and PURITY.

So, with this in mind, I decided to move in a bit of a different direction.

I have decided to create something called THE SMALL THINGS COMMUNITY.

The idea behind the community is simple. It will be a place were we can:

  • Learn the basics of the faith.

  • Have access to a SAFE community where we can support each other as we PRACTICE our faith.

  • Genuinely grow together in holiness.

Here are some more details about THE SMALL THINGS COMMUNITY:

For just $11 a month, you can commit to be part of THE SMALL THINGS COMMUNITY. You commit to just one month at a time and can leave the community at any time.

As a member you will have access to a new video-based lesson each Tuesday on that month’s theme. The videos will be about 15 minutes long (about 1 hour of lessons total each month). The lessons will be “power-packed” and designed to help you PRACTICE the faith, not just KNOW the faith.

As a member of the community you will also be part of a secure discussion group (housed on a safe site–NOT Facebook) where you will be asked to discuss the lessons, support and get to know each other, and share spiritual victories as you endeavor to practice the faith.

And finally, each month as a member of this community of Catholic Women we will read a Catholic “bathtub” Book (meaning a book that is fun to read and not too dense, but still Catholic, ie memoirs, biographies, novels) and we will discuss that book in a live book club held in our private group.

As a member of the community you will also have free access to ALL of my digital products and enjoy 50% off of all my printed products…but that is NOT the reason to join the community.

The only reason to join this community is to really work on learning and practicing the basics of the faith, just as Mary commanded us to do.

So, if you are interested in something like this, I will be enrolling women WEDNESDAY APRIL 25th through MONDAY APRIL 30th at midnight.

On May 1st I will be closing the doors so that I can focus all of my energy on those in the community. I don’t plan to open the doors for more women to join until August.

Catholic Women of all ages and all locations are welcome to join. I ask only that you be MARRIED, as I would like this community to also be a place where we can respectfully talk about our married sex lives in a holy and healthy way.

The first three months of our community will focus on the following topics:



July— (sexual) PURITY

That is the plan–but I will be open to where the Spirit leads as well 😉

Take it to prayer and stay tuned for more details.

If you would like to have early access to the community, please join the WAIT LIST simply by typing your email address below:

Your sister in Christ,