I have been talking about the Rosary a lot around here lately. About my Marian experience, reasons everyone should be praying the Rosary daily and ways to make time to pray the Rosary. Hundreds of people have responded and purchased the Rosary Booklet or shared their love for the Rosary with me.

It has been incredible and I treasure ALL of the stories you’ve shared with me…but I have a nagging feeling that I haven’t served all of you…

Maybe you find yourself on the sideline with this issue. You know you should pray the Rosary, but…

There are many reasons why people hesitate to pray the Rosary. I know because I have felt all of these things.

Maybe you don’t feel worthy to pray the Rosary or holy enough to pray the Rosary. Maybe you don’t want to try to pray the Rosary regularly because you know that you will fail this new prayer habit, like you have failed at all the others you’ve tried. Maybe praying the Rosary feels like work…and you are just so tired.

I get it. All of it. I so get it.

But, if you don’t hear anything else I say in this email, I want you to hear this.

The Devil is a lying piece of crap, and he DESPERATELY does not want you to pray the Rosary.

It might not be cool to bring up the Devil, but he’s real my friends, and there is no one on this Earth or above this Earth that he fears more than Mary. No one.

He does not want you to be under her protection. He does not want you to feel comfortable to call on her. He doesn’t want you have any relationship with her at all…and so all those reasons keeping you from praying your Rosary, those are coming straight from Hell.

Sorry to put so fine a point on this, but it’s true.

Now, I’m not writing this to sell more Rosary Books. In fact, you don’t even need a real Rosary to pray the Rosary, let alone a Rosary Booklet (God gave us 10 fingers for a reason!). I write this simply to help you find a way to Mary–and the Rosary is one of the easiest ways to do that. That’s it.

Because here are three things that are TRUE about the Rosary:

1. The Rosary is a prayer for Sinners.

You don’t have to improve or get better before you start praying the Rosary. You don’t have to memorize the prayers or read the Gospels. Sure, all those things are good, but they are not necessary.

Absolutely NO ONE is unworthy of the Rosary. The prisoner of death row, the nun, the mother, the child, the convert, the sinner, the Rosary is for all of us. It can be great medicine for spiritual illness. Even if you have wandered from your faith, you really can pick up a Rosary, right now, and pray. After all, Mary brought the Rosary down from heaven for us sinners still on Earth.

2. Mary is willing to be with any one of Her children (even you).

I’m not just saying this. It’s true. Mary has appeared to nearly every race of people on this Earth, often wearing their native clothing and always calling them her children. She really does care tremendously for you. Never doubt that you are worthy of her. Ask her to be with you, and she will be.

3. Our prayer will always be imperfect.

I have yet to pray a Rosary without my mind wandering at some point. Sometimes a scene from a TV show floats into my mind. Sometimes I’m making a grocery list… I try to focus, I always pull myself back and I might be getting a little better, but I am still SO imperfect. We all are. In fact, today I fell asleep while praying my Rosary. #truth

Just please, don’t get discouraged. The devil likes to whisper in our ear lies that play on our insecurities when it comes to our imperfect prayer. Why bother if my mind will only wander? I’ve failed to pray my Rosary for a whole week…why bother trying to start praying it again? I’ll probably fall asleep, so it’s not even worth it to start praying, right?

It is worth it, it is valuable and it is important to start again.

Many great saints have remarked on the power of a single Hail Mary said with full truth in Our Blessed Mother. Even a moment of prayer with her, even a part of a Rosary is valuable. Don’t let the devil convince you otherwise.

The Rosary is certainly not more important than going to Mass or receiving any of the sacraments, but it can be such a beautiful support as we walk through this life of faith. And that, simply, is what I want for you.

You all remain an intention of my daily Rosary.

Your sister in Christ,

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