I’m on a mission.  A mission to increase Marian devotion through the Rosary. The mission began with me. After making a Marian Devotion, I have committed to praying a daily Rosary, with this community as one of my intentions.

Next, my family. The Rosary will be a central focus for us this Lent.

And then, the world. To this end, I created a beautiful little Rosary Booklet with the hope that I can get it into as many hands as possible and help as many people as possible dive deeper into the Rosary and turn more completely to Our Blessed Mother for love, guidance and mercy.

And, I’ve decided to sell the PRINTED BOOK for only $8.

Purchase a Rosary Booklet

Purchase 1 Booklet for $8


Purchase 2 Booklets for $15


Got a big group you'd like to buy Rosary Booklets for--your women's group or extended family? The price is already as low as it can be (remember, this is a PRINTED BOOK), but for orders of 10 booklets or more, I would be happy to cover the cost of shipping for you. To arrange orders this large, please email me directly ([email protected]).


Need a little backstory?

You see, something terrible happened to my family on Thanksgiving Day. We lost our little Max, whom I had carried for 20 weeks. It was terrible, and in many ways we are still reeling, but amid that suffering I was able to experience Mary, really powerfully. I asked her to be beside me and she was in the realest way possible.  And for that I will never cease to be thankful.

It breaks my heart to think that so many people face pain and suffering without Mary at their side, especially when she is so willing to fly to their side, if only they call. So, I am on a mission to increase Marian devotion through the Rosary.

And, because I am on a mission, I'm offering the booklet (yes, the PRINTED BOOK) for just $8, $15 if you buy 2, because I really, genuinely want you to know and love Our Mother better. Even if I go into debt over this, even if my entire online platforms comes crumbling down, if I help one person know Mary better, than it will all be worth it.

Creating this Rosary Booklet has been an utter labor of love. I partnered Annie from Paper Monastery. I wrote the words, she created the art and I genuinely believe that Mary took our meager talents and made something beautiful.

Here is a look at a few of the pages. Didn't Annie do an incredible job?

The second Luminous Mystery, The Baptism in the Jordan:

The Fifth Luminous Mystery: The Last Supper

The Fifth Glorious Mystery: The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

The booklet includes an introduction with clear instructions for praying the Rosary, as well as a powerful explanation for why we pray the Rosary. The booklet also includes all of the words of the prayers of the Rosary, so it is great for those just learning this powerful prayer.

But, the booklet is also great for those that have been devoted to their Rosary for years.

I worked hard to include several resources to help you go deeper while praying the Rosary and really enter into the mysteries as you pray them. For each of the 20 mysteries I have included:

  • Custom art, created specifically for this booklet
  • Scripture Verses for the mystery
  • A virtue to reflect on, pertaining to that mystery
  • A reflection to help you really "step into" the mystery of the Rosary
  • A prayer to conclude each mystery

There is also plenty of white space to give your mind room and to add notes if desired.

As I said, the booklets cost only $8. I priced the booklets so low because, well, I'm on a mission. I am determined to get one of these booklets into the hands of ANYONE that will use it. But I need your help. Who do you know that could benefit from a closer relationship with Mary (ummmm, everyone?).

Please, consider purchasing not just one, but 2 Rosary booklets. One for you, and one for someone you love.

Purchase 1 Booklet for $8


Purchase 2 Booklets for $15


Give them the book and pray that they will use it to pray the Rosary. Because Mary is just waiting for us to call on her and when we do she will fly to our side.

The price of the Rosary Booklet will be increased to $10 on March 1st. The current price does not include the cost of shipping...but don't worry. The book is light. Less than $2 to ship most places in the USA.

Our Lady of the Rosary, Pray for us!

Your sister in Christ,

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