Our lives are far too full. There are never enough hours in the day and we rarely get through everything on our endless to-do lists. How, we often wonder, could we possibly fit in something else? How could I possibly find time to pray my Rosary each and every day? I simply don’t have the time.

I felt this way for many years. Some days I prayed the Rosary, but not often. Each day, I would look for those quiet 20 minutes to pray the Rosary, and when they didn’t instantly present themselves, I would decide it was simply impossible to pray a Rosary.

But, really fruitful spiritual practices take time, planning, and discipline. After a profound Marian experience the Fall of 2017, I was determined to find a way to pray my Rosary every day–and guess what, making the time was actually not impossible. I have found a way to pray my Rosary each day and that time spent with my beads has become my anchor and my refuge. I rely on my daily Rosary and now that I have felt the rich fruit of praying the Rosary, I fight to defend my quiet Rosary time each day.

It is possible for ALL of us to pray the Rosary each day. It might take some thought to transform those bits of time we have each day into time used to pray the Rosary, but working to use that time to recite the prayer Our Lady asked of us will be SO worth it. Give it a try and really work to pray that Rosary every day, friends!  Our Blessed Mother desires so much that we set side some time each day to be with her. She will reward your efforts richly.

So, to get your wheels turning, here are 10 ideas to help you find the time to pray the Rosary each and every day:

  1. Instead of pulling out your phone, make a habit of praying your rosary as your nurse or rock the baby to sleep. Use those quiet moments well!
  2. Make a practice of praying the Rosary as a family each night. Start with a single decade and work your way to praying the entire Rosary together. Yes, it’s hard at first, but it is possible! We use these Rosary Quiet Books with our little ones.
  3. Listen to the Rosary while driving (I use this App).
  4. Pray one decade of the Rosary at a time. Use the small moments of quiet in the day to pray the Rosary slowly over the course of the day. I use this Rosary bracelet from Chewslife.com.
  5. Make a habit of praying your Rosary by connecting it to something you are SURE to do each day, like eating lunch, showering, or driving to work.
  6. Train yourself to pray your Rosary FIRST. Before you allow yourself to sit down and watch a show on Netflx, make sure you have prayed your Rosary. If you have yet to pray (or complete) the Rosary that day, do that first. It only takes 20 minutes!
  7. While praying the Rosary, PUSH THROUGH the first few decades. Often it takes a while for us to “settle into” prayer. Even if you are distracted or irritated during the beginning of the Rosary, continue on and quite often you will reach a level of calm and clear meditation by the time you get to the third decade.
  8. Use exercise as a time to pray the Rosary. The Rosary itself has a clear rhythm. Allow that rhythm to fall into sync with your body and make the movements of your body into a prayer as well.
  9. Use your waiting as a time to pray the Rosary. While sitting in the pickup line each day, or while waiting in the doctor’s office, pray your Rosary instead of looking at your phone.  Even if you only have time to pray one decade, that is still time spent well.
  10. Pray the Rosary as you drift off to sleep. There is nothing more calming and peaceful than the simple and beautiful prayers of the Rosary. Allow the praises of the Hail Mary to be the final words that pass through your mind each day. If you do so, she will watch over you as you sleep, just as she watched over baby Jesus in the manger.

I hope this list is helpful! And please, don’t despair if your best laid intentions fall apart. Get up and try again! The devil really really does not want us to become dedicated to our daily Rosary and he doesn’t play fair. He knows that a close relationship with Mary is the fast route to Heaven and he will try to derail your plans at every turn. But stay strong and, most importantly, ask Our Blessed Mother to be with you. Because if you ask, she will be.

Because the Rosary is such a powerful prayer, I strongly encourage you to enrich the way you pray the Rosary. The more we know about Jesus and His Mother, the more we read about the different mysteries of the Rosary, the better our meditation can be while we pray.

To help you do this, I have put together a little book of Rosary Prayers and Reflections. The book is designed to help the faithful meditate even more deeply on the beautiful mysteries of the Rosary.

If you are just beginning to fall in love with the Rosary, this book includes general instructions for praying the Rosary, the text of all the prayers of the Rosary, as well as an overview of Contemplation. From there, the Rosary Book offers lots of beautiful materials for each decade of the Rosary to help you dive deeper into prayer. The Rosary Book includes original art for each Mystery (created by Annie of Paper Monastery), Bible verses, a virtue, prayer, and beautiful reflection for each of the 20 decades of the Rosary.

And this beautiful little book is on sale now for just $8. Yup, just $8 because, more than anything else, I want you to be able to purchase one of these books and through its use, fall deeply in love with the Holy Rosary.

For more details on the Rosary Book, head HERE.

Our Lady of the Rosary, Pray for Us!

Your sister in Christ,

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