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The 2018 Catholic Woman's Companion includes the following pages:

  • Simple, beautiful explanation of 'The Little Way' and how to simply apply it to your life.
  • Complete list of Roman Catholic Feast Days each month.
  • Monthly Habit Tracking Chart and space to set monthly goals in your work live out the Little Way.
  • Monthly Liturgical Living Ideas that are simple and powerful.
  • Citation of Daily Readings, each day of the year.
  • Weekly verse taken from the Sunday Gospel to reflect on all week.
  • Many beautiful words from St. Therese to encourage you in vocation.
  • Space to take notes and write down intentions.
  • Lots of white space to write down the thoughts and needs unique to you.
  • The planner also features a metal spiral binding, full color cover and mulit-color interior.
  • The dimensions of the planner are 10"x7", so the planner is not small, and it is wider than it is tall.  

The 2018 Catholic Woman's Companion was thoughtfully and beautifully designed exclusively for Catholic Women.  The video below will walk you through all the main pages of the planner and explain the central theme.

The 2018 Catholic Woman's Companion was designed to give you space not only to plan out the details of your life, but, with the help of St. Therese and our Blessed Mother, to make those details holy.

Yes, our days are filled with small things. But we have the choice to just do those things, or to do them with great love.

It is my earnest hope that the 2018 Catholic Woman's Companion can be another way that St. Therese is spending her heaven "doing good on earth".

Most of us are called to live "small" lives.

We aren't out there saving the world through glorious accomplishments.  We aren't noteworthy scholars of the faith or revered as living saints.  

In many ways we are ordinary.  We are small.

We spend our lives at home, cleaning and cooking and changing diapers.  Or at work, making phone calls, correcting papers, attending meetings, and filing paper work.  Or in our communities setting up events, sending emails, and cleaning up afterward.

Is this really the work of saints, we wonder?  Can these small, thankless tasks really be a path to holiness?

Yes, my sisters, they are exactly that.

The entire teachings of St. Therese can be summed up in these simple words:

What are the small things in your life?

Likely, they are the things you jot down in your planners and add to your daily to-do lists.

Things like run errands, make meals, help with homework, volunteer, and work out.

These small things that fill our lives are not simply things to do and check off the list. They are our path to holiness.

Is this a physical planner or a digital download?

The Catholic Woman's Companion is a real, physical book that will be arriving in the mail shortly after you place your order.  To keep the planner cost effective, the planner will not arrive with tabs already in place.  Instead you will get a digital file of tabs that match the planner.  Simple print the tabs on sturdy cardstock and follow the simple instructions to add them to your planner.

The liturgical bundle, if you decide to purchase that package, is 100% digital.  People who purchase the bundle will receive their planner in the mail and will receive all 13 liturgical activities via email shortly after placing the purchase.

Is this planner really just for Catholics?  Would it work for people that are Christian, but not Catholic?

Sorry, but yes, this planner is really only for you if you are Catholic.  The Catholic Church has a unique set of daily readings and liturgical calendar.   These things serve as the absolute backbone of the planner.  Therefore, if you are not Catholic, much of the planner simply won't make sense to you.

What is different about the 2018 planner, compared to the 2017 version?

Everything.  Everything is so much better.

1. The quality is MUCH IMPROVED.  

The 2018 planners were designed and printed by PROFESSIONALS, and it shows.  The paper is thicker, the cover more beautiful and the binding way more durable.  The 2018 planner is also printed in color!

2. More white space, less noise.

I am currently using the 2017 planner and although I am happy with it, I found that I didn't use several of the pages included, because the way those pages were laid out wasn't quite right.  So, with this version I decided to replace a lot of those pages with blank pages where you can create whatever sort of organizational system you need.

Also, the weekly spread is so much better.  With a horizontal layout you will have more room to plan and think.

3. A clearer overall focus.

Finally, the 2018 planner has a focus: Do Small Things With Love.  St. Therese is the only saint that you will hear from in the planner and each month you will be guided through a real process of walking the "Little Way".

Should I buy now, or will these planners be going on sale?

The launch price of $30 ($40 for the liturgical bundle) is the cheapest I plan to go, so if you want a deal, buy now!  The price will increase after one week to $37 ($47 for the bundle)

But, even more than that, if you want a planner, please get one while supplies last!  Since I used a traditional publisher to print these planners I have a fixed number of planners and once they are gone...they are gone.  

After I order, how long until I get my planner?

I am handling all of the shipping myself, so after you place your order, I will get the planner in the mail as soon as possible!  Since I am using Shopify to manage all of the transactions, shipping should be pretty seamless.  However, if you have still yet to receive your planner 2 weeks after purchasing it, please email me at [email protected]

Will the planner ship Internationally?

Yes!  I plan to ship anywhere in the world.  However, although I am working to get you the cheapest postage cost, it can still be expensive.  

This price does not include shipping.