Thank you to Small Gifts, Great Love for providing the beautiful foil prints for this shop review!  All opinions are 100% my own!

Hey friends!

I am not, for good reason, a home decor blogger.  My house is not well organized or picture perfect, and I will likely never have a WHITE kitchen or shiplap accent wall (please, don’t tell JoAnna Gains) but I do work to make my house a home.  After all, as an at-home-parent I am here, at home most of the time.

I am still learning how exactly to make a house into a home but here are a couple of things that I think help make a space more home-like.

  1. Everything needs to generally have a place it belong (and often that is the trash)
  2. A space needs to feel thoughtfully put together
  3. The objects selected to be displayed should be beautiful and should nudge my mind to somewhere beautiful, whether that be a memory, my faith or nature.

I don’t follow these principles perfectly, especially the first one, but I am working on it!

It feels strange to think about what my design style is.  I don’t really have one.  In fact, I have come to realize that my entire house is decorated based on two ideas: (1) getting things high enough that little hands can’t reach them and (2) being Catholic.

Being Catholic might not sound like a design style, but it is!

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh as I walk through my house.  Nearly everything on our walls and shelves is CATHOLIC.  But I can’t help it.  I love our faith and I love being Catholic and living is a tradition of celebrating the beauty of that faith through art.  For me, something is doubly beautiful when it is ascetically pleasing AND depicts a beautiful reality of our faith.

And so, for all of these reasons, and because I know many of us are still hunting for wonderful Christmas gifts, I am so excited to share my friend Paige’s Etsy Shop with you.

Small Gifts, Great Love (great shop title, right?!?) offers beautiful Catholic foil prints.  I can’t get over how beautiful these are and they really do combine the beauty of art and the wonder of our faith.

Here are coupe of my favorite prints from her shop that I am currently enjoying in my home:

I love this watercolor-type print with a quote from Mother Teresa.  It says, “We cannot all do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.”  I know, so shocking that I would like that quote!  My husband gave me the portrait of Mother Teresa for Christmas last year and I love having her smiling face next to her beautiful words.  What a beautiful reminder to have!

I also love this Sacred Heart print:

So cool, right?  Our current parish and our previous parish in Minnesota were both Sacred Heart, so this has become a special devotion for our family and I love the foil print of this image.

Paige also offers an Immaculate Heart of Mary print.

Once I get matching frames I actually plan to hang these prints above my bed.  The Sacred and Immaculate Heart images we currently have aren’t my favorite.

And so, if you are looking for something beautiful for your own home or for a gift, consider supporting a few Catholic mother, Paige from Small Gifts, Great Love.

And, I hope you are having a wonderful Advent!