Hey there! Today's episode is short and sweet, and gets at one of my serious struggles as a mom.

It often feels like I am on an endless (and fruitless) quest to make my life at home raising kids just a little bit better.  Maybe if we stayed home more...or went out more...or had better toys...or fewer toys.  Maybe it's my fault--maybe it's their fault?

This sort of searching leads to an awful restlessness and discontentedness in what is meant to be a beautiful vocation.

For this very reason I was given so much peace by this simple idea shared in my woman's Bible Study: This Side of Heaven, Things Are Just Going to Be Hard.

No matter what, even if we land upon the perfect formula and schedule for our tribe of children, even then, things will be hard.  We live in a fallen world, we are fallen people and we are tasked with raising children whom are also, fallen.

Yes we should continually endeavor be better.  Yes we should prayerfully and thoughtfully consider what is best for our kids and make adjustments when possible...but chasing after some sort of ideal is not only fruitless, but can also lead to discouragement.  And there is no magic bullet.  Each choice we make will come with a certain level of hardship.  Mothering was never intended to be easy, although we often become discouraged thinking, at some point, it should be easier.

I have felt the bitterness of this discouragement.  Have you?  But we are not called to be perfect.  We are called to long for the perfection of heaven.

So, take peace and live as well as you can, knowing that you and your children were not made for this world, but for the next.

I hope you enjoy the episode, and as I believe that this is a common struggle for many mothers, please consider sharing this episode with the mothers in your own life.

Your sister in Christ,

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