Hey there!  Stopping in today to share a little project with you that celebrates the beautiful liturgical seasons of our Church: Father Pine Liturgical Vestments.  The printable version of the vestments as well as detailed instructions for making the felt vestments is available for only $2.  Click HERE to get it!

Never heard of “Father Pine”?  Well, let me tell you all about it.

A few years ago I stumbled across an idea called “Father Pine” or “Father Oak” on Pinterest.  The idea is simple.  Create a wooden “body” for a priest in the shape of a cross and dress that priest in liturgical colors to celebrate and remind the family of The Church’s seasons.  I loved this idea from when I first saw it, but until recently my kids were just too little to understand this at all.  But, praise God, they are getting older and they are becoming more aware and interested in God and the Church.  So I thought it would be fun to add a Father Pine to our own home.  Plus, it’s helpful for me too!

I created some printable vestments as well as simple directions for making more durable vestments out of felt.

As you can see, I made two versions of this project.  One is a simple printed paper version and the other is made from felt.  We made our “Father Pine” for the printable vestments out of popsicle sticks, and the printable vestments have been made to fit a popsicle stick cross if you make it as I did.

We made the cross for the felt vestments out of a wooden cross and base we bought at a craft store.  Because there are a variety of wooden crosses you could use for this project, it was impossible to make a standard pattern.  Instead I included detailed instructions for making your own vestment pattern based on the cross you decide to use.

But, if I had to be honest, I think I like the printed, colored vestments best.

There is something so sweet about the colored work of a child used to honor and teach our beautiful faith.

Once again, you can get both the printable version of the vestments, as well as instructions for making the felt version right HERE for only $2.

OR, if you are savvy, the Father Pine Project is included in the Liturgical Bundle you can get with the 2018 Catholic Woman’s Companion.  The whole bundle (which includes materials costing well over $50) can be purchased for just $10…but only for the next few days.

Your choice.

Either way, thank you for your support, and God Bless!

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