The 2018 Catholic Woman’s Companion will be available on November 1st!  Along with offering the planner, I have decided to offer (for only on week) a digital bundle of Liturgical Living materials.  I have had TONS of inquires about what is included in the liturgical living bundle, so I put together this post to walk you through all the contents.

But first, I should say that there are several reasons why I created the 2018 Catholic Woman’s Companion.  One of those reasons was to help women and their families enter into the liturgical year in a way that is easy, educational, fun, and natural.  The planner includes the citations for daily reading, all of the Catholic feasts days, as well as simple ideas for celebrating a few of those occasions.  You can easily celebrate the liturgical year with just the planner, but, as I have spent the last 6 years creating simple ways to celebrate and teach the Catholic Faith to our children, I just HAD to include some of these ideas along with the planner.

So I included one project each month of the 13 month planner.  In total, all of the 13 printable files included in this bundle would cost you over $50.  But, because I’m a little crazy about this planner, I have decided to include ALL of the files here for just $10.  But only from November 1st-November 8th.

After November 8th, the digital bundle will disappear…likely forever.  Although you will still be able to purchase all the products included in the bundle individually.

Here is a quick rundown of all of the files included in this bundle, as well as a link to the post about this activity.  The bundle is 100% digital and you will have it immediately after you purchase the planner + digital bundle.  All of the activities here are printable and easy to use.  I do offer other versions of a few of these projects that are patterns for making these objects out of felt or fabric, but the files included here are mostly for printing and coloring.

1. Jesse Tree

Print and color a full set of Jesse Tree Ornaments.  The Jesse Tree is a wonderful way to journey through Advent.  Trace the genealogy of Jesus, read the daily scripture passages and prayerfully prepare for Christmas.  This printable pack is usually sold for $7.  More details HERE.


2. Most Holy Name of Jesus Activity

January 3rd is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  Celebrate the feast with 30 of the Lord’s titles referenced in scripture.  Color the titles and read the scripture from which they come.  Sing and praise the Lord with all his titles on this feast.  Usually sold for $2.


3. Jesus Tree

The Jesus Tree is a powerful Lenten Activity for families and classrooms. Just as we use the Jesse Tree to countdown to Christmas, the Jesus Tree serves as a countdown for Easter.  Each ornament represents an event in Jesus’s life.  Color the ornament, read the scripture story and hang the ornament on the real tree of life, The Cross.  This printable pack usually sells for $7.  See more details HERE.


4. Lenten Finger Puppets

It can be difficult teach children about all the events and people involved in the Passion of Christ.  Make it fun, colorful, and interactive with simple, printable finger puppets.  All 13 key characters are here in puppet form and are prefect for children to use and learn from.  This printable pack usually sell for $2.  More details HERE.


5. Alleluia Cross Stitch Pattern

This simple, beautiful cross stitch pattern is a fun way to bring back the Alleluia after Lent.  Stitch it up in any color and hang it proudly all Easter season long.


6. Mary Garden Activity

May’s liturgical activity is a printable Mary Garden.  Honor Our Lady with this simple, seasonal activity.


7. Sacred Heart of Jesus Perler Bead/Cross Stitch Pattern

Breakout the perler beads or cross stitch thread and create a beautiful Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Simple, fun activity for moms or kids, and a great lesson in patience while contemplating the love of Jesus and Mary for us.  Usually sells for $3.


8. Rosary Quiet Book

Praying the Rosary as a family is a beautiful, important…and difficult thing.  Help you children engage in the prayer more with this printable Rosary Quiet Book.  The book can be put together by mom or the kids.  A complete list of materials needed and directions for creating each page is included.  This printable usually sells for $6.  More details HERE.

9. Father Pine Liturgical Activity

Help your children live more liturgically with the “Father Pine” printable.  This simple activity asks you to create a cross out of popsicle sticks and dress the “priest” in a vestment of liturgical colors.  The printable includes 7 vestments to be colored in the 7 liturgical colors.  This printable usually sells for $2.  More information HERE.


10. Advent Prayer Booklet

Help your children, or your family, really focus on a few key intentions during Advent through the use of little Advent Prayer Booklets.  The booklets are to be colored, filled out and folded, and then used during daily prayer.


11. Over 113 Catholic Saints In Cross Stitch/Perler Beads

Easily my most popular liturgical creation, the saints in cross stitch and perler bead are fun for kids and adults alike.  Create a sampler of your family saints, have the kids create a Nativity Set in perler beads, stitch patron saint Christmas ornaments…the possibilities are endless.  This pack of patterns alone usually is sold for $15.  Find more details HERE.


12. Printable Nativity Set

This printable doubles as a Nativity Set AND Advent Calendar.  Either print and color all of the characters at once, or add one a day to build an entire set.  Either way, this is another awesome activity to keep the family focused on Jesus during the Advent and Christmas season.  This printable usually sell for $5.  More details HERE.


13. 2 Felt Christmas Stocking Patterns

The final entry in this Liturgical Bundle is a bit more “crafty” than the others.  Creating handmade stocking for your children is a beautiful practice, and not nearly as difficult as it might sound.  Use the patterns for these two felt stockings to create stockings your children will treasure for years.  Includes full list of materials and complete instructions.  These patterns usually sell for $4.  More information HERE.

As I mentioned, I will only be offering all of these materials bundled with the planner for $10 for a short time (one week to be exact!).  So, if you are interested in all or some of these printables, consider grabbing it as part of the bundle.

Thank you, thank you for your support!  I am so touched and humbled, and make sure to stop back here on November 1st!  That is when the planners go on sale, and supplies are limited!

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