I love a good story of hope, healing, and mercy.  Thanks be to our good and gracious God, our faith is filled with them, but the message of continued hope and the redemptive power of suffering never gets old.  For this very reason I loved the interview I did with Jennifer Ringwald of Mercy Every Morning.  Jennifer agreed to join me for episode 19 of the Just One Small Thing Podcast, and in this episode she shares her amazing story of loss, grief, love and mercy every morning.

I should warn you that we do cover many sensitive topics in this episode including infant death and miscarriage.  Our conversation is not graphic, but it is real and for many that have been touched by these things, this episode might be painful to listen to.

What really touched me, and I know will touch you after listening to this episode, is how these struggles and sufferings did not take Jennifer away from God.  Quite the opposite happened, actually.  All of this hurt pulled her and her husband closer to God.  Because God really can use the pain and suffering in our lives (and in the whole world) for his greater glory.

I hope you enjoy this episode and that you awake in the morning renewed and hopeful, knowing that God’s mercy is new and full each morning.  He is there, ready to walk with us and love us, each morning, no matter what.

And, if you’d like to connect with Jennifer Ringwald, or read more about her story and message of Mercy Every Morning, head over to her blog.

Once again, thank you for your on-going support and for so generously sharing your stories with me.  Over email I have heard many of your incredible stories.  I am always looking for more ordinary Catholic women (like me) to come on the podcast and share their stories, so if you feel so moved, just send me an email at [email protected].  All it takes is a skype account and about a half hour of your time.

Thanks again!

Your sister in Christ,

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