Well hey there!

Today episode is a fun one and features the wonderful Genie from Barefoot Abbey.  And Genie is here to inspire us all to bring more music into our lives, our families and our faith lives.

Now, I love music, but if I’m being honest, my music life can basically be boiled down to singing at mass on Sunday, KLove as I drive and Pandora around the house.  And the thought of leading sung prayer at home, well that’s a little scary.

I started this interview knowing that Genie is all about music and I thought that perhaps I would leave our chat with some practical tips.  Well, she certainly has tips to share, but she has so much more than that.

In this episode Genie not only talks about the wonderful musical gifts we have as Catholics, but also how music is the language of God, how we can create the soundtrack to our children’s lives, how music can help us grow closer to each other in a family…and how she learned to sing from LeAnn Rimes and Barbra Streisand.

Seriously, she learned to sing from LeAnn Rimes and Barbra Streisand.  I didn’t make that up.

And finally, before you plunge into this episode, a little warning.  The recording quality here is less than perfect.  We both have a hoard of kids and my might hear them or Public Television in the background at points.  Sorry about that!  Still a rookie podcaster here.  Thanks for your patience!

I hope this episode inspires you!  I certainly feel inspired, and in case you are wondering about one of the wonderful resourses we talked about in this episode, check out these links:

Visit Genie’s website and learn how to weave music into your life.

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