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Episode 18 of the Just One Small Thing Podcast is a great one, thanks entirely to my (very patient, because we went through quite the list of issues recording this!) friend Christina.  Christina joins me on the podcast to talk about waiting.  We discuss how there are 2 ways to wait: waiting with the Lord and plowing ahead without the Lord and the heartache that can lead to.

In case you don’t know Christina, she is the beautiful blogger behind The Evangelista.  Go follow her if you don’t already and I guarantee you will not only fall in love with her, but also with her idol, Pope Benedict the XVI.

Christina talks about the cross of waiting from first-hand experience.  The two of us shared the experience of “marrying late”, at least it felt really late from our perspective!  And, if you too married later than you thought you would, you know what a struggle this is!  It is hard to see all of your friends and sisters get married and start families…and to feel forgotten.  I struggled with this, as did Christina.

Both of us are now married and Christina is expecting her 1st child very soon, but this is not a story of “be patient and the right man will come along.” Of course, that is what happened for both of us, but the message so much more than that.

The message of this episode is this: THE WAITING IS IMPORTANT.

The waiting, in and of itself, is important.  The waiting is hard and frustrating, but it is during that period of waiting that God is uniquely able to minister to us, and (as profoundly happened for Christina) the waiting is also when God is able to heal us.

Go listen and enjoy!

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Links mentioned in this episode:

Christina’s Blog: The Evangelista.  And make sure to follow her on Instagram.  Baby pictures coming soon!

The book referenced: Attachments: Why You Love, Feel and Act the Way You Do

Blessings, sisters!