Each day we do a million things.  We do a million little, often futile, frustrating, dirty, tedious, and thankless things.

We set out food, clean dishes, sweep floors, change diapers, pull weeds, pick up, drop off, walk dogs, comfort toddlers, brake-up fights, fold laundry, wipe counters, nurse babies, pump, pick-up toys, help with homework, read stories….

The list of small things we do is long, and most days without end.  These things we do, they seem so small.  In fact, we wonder, especially when asked to account for our days, if they even matter at all.

The toddler is still not potty trained, the floor is still sticky, the laundry is still in a heap in the living room…

It can be tempting to wonder if anyone even notices all that we do… if our efforts make an impact on anything. We are tempted to daydream about bigger, more important work.  We may begin to resent those we serve, day in and out, in these small, thankless ways.

Perhaps we wonder if we were not made for more, for something bigger and more important than this small work.

But, although our minds might wander, and our bodies become weary, we know the truth.

We know that the small things we do, even the smallest and most unseen tasks, matter.  

We know that each small task is an opportunity to love.  

And, we know that through the small things that we are called to do, greatness is possible.

Sure, at the end of the day our list of accomplishments might not be impressive, but the world’s view of our life does not change it’s value.

Each diaper changed and folded shirt and wiped counter was an opportunity to love those before us, and we chose love.

We choose love amid the dishes and dust.  We choose love at the playgroup and the pool.  We choose love at breakfast and snack.  We choose love today and tomorrow and always.

We choose love in each of the little ways we were asked to serve, and that has made all the difference.

What the world will never understand, is that it is good to be small.  

It is good to be employed in the thankless, small work of feeding and teaching children.  It is good to be presented with all the small ways to love a family by keeping a home clean.  It is good to serve a community through the small, tedious tasks that take place behind the scenes.

All of these things are good, and all of these things are an opportunity to grow in holiness.

Also, it is good to be small and to know that God delights in our smallness.  When we are small and humble, He is always near, ready to pull us lovingly up onto His lap. He is there to listen to our struggles and to offer us the comfort of a Father.

So, we take heart. Each day we again face the challenge and blessing of small, but holy, work…knowing that this is a true path to holiness.

This concept was the guiding principle as I created this year’s Catholic Woman’s Planner (that is an image of the cover above).

The planner is SO MUCH better than last year.

It is simpler, professionally laid out, more clearly organized and has color.

It is also focused on living the LITTLE WAY of St. Therese.

I will be send more information on the planner your way soon, but I wanted you to know that that planner will be available on November 1st for only $30.

Your sister in Christ,