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I have a love hate relationship with toys in my house.  Or, rather, I mostly hate the toys we have around here.  I particularly hate toys with a million little pieces.  In fact, about once a month I take a garbage bag into our toy room(s) and just start throwing things away.  Rarely is any thrown item missed.

Above all else, I hate toys that are just…toys.  They don’t teach anything. They don’t mean anything.  They are just toys.  The kids might look at them once in a while, but if they had to choose between that toy and the stick they just found in the backyard, they would choose the stick.

I get it.  Sometimes a toy is really just a meaningless hunk of plastic. Before long, it will end up a the bottom of the garbage bag during one of my midnight toy room raids.

For this reason I was THRILLED when I discovered the SCRIPTURE STACKERS over at Our Picnic Tree.  They are basically Christian Legos.  Finally, right?!

Now, I probably could just stop right there, with the words Christian Legos. As a parent, that’s all I needed to hear.

Legos are a daily source of endless fun around here.  We build and imagine and play with Legos all the time.

Also, I love anything that will help my children visualize and understand scripture stories and our faith.  And, or many good reasons, seeing something in Lego form is so much more powerful than hearing mom drone on and on about it.

Finally, not all toys are created equal, as I have mentioned. I have come to only really value toys that pull my kids into imaginative play–which is exactly what happened when we set up our Scripture Stackers sets!

The sets come just as any Lego set comes, with bags of bricks and detailed instructions.  Bernadette and I had fun putting together the stable for the nativity set.  The blocks are compatible with Legos and other brick brands.

Here is what the completed Nativity set looks like.  It includes all three Wise Men, Mary, Joseph, a cute little Baby Jesus, and a Shepherd. It also has a sheep and a donkey.  It would be a perfect nativity set for children to play with all Advent long, or any time of the year.  My kids are perfectly happy playing with it right now!

We put ours together a little over a week ago, and it has been played with basically non-stop.

Along with the nativity set, several other biblical characters are depicted in Scripture Stackers, including Moses (with the burning bush), Noah (with cane & sheep), King Solomon (with his throne), Goliath (with his sword & shield), Baby Moses (with a cradle & his mother, Jochebed), and Joseph (with coins and multi-colored coat).

Here is Gus setting up King Solomon.

My kids loved these little Scripture Stackers, because we all know that the best part of any Lego project is the people!  It was fun to discuss the biblical stories as they put together the characters.

One of my favorites was the Moses character.  It is simple, and yet the details reveal a lot about the story and Moses himself.

Scripture Stackers would make a great Christmas gift, or anytime gift for your family.  Over the past year I have basically stopped sharing product reviews completely around here, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these SCRIPTURE STACKERS.  They are fun and meaningful toys that I will never pitch during one of my midnight toy room raids!

AND–Guess what!

Visit this great company, and support there amazing work!

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