Well friends, I didn’t want to talk on this topic, but St. Mother Teresa made me.

Episode 17 is all about Obedience.  Obedience in marriage, family, and our relationship with God.

Now, obedience is not one of my favorite topics, likely because I still like to think of myself as the rebellious teenager I once was.  I mean, rebellion is cool, right?  And even in my mature moments, when I acknowledge what marriage and family are,  I often prefer to use softer, more spiritual words like surrender and gift of self than the cold black-and-white term obedience.

But, a few weeks ago I came across a reflection by St. Mother Teresa in the Magnificat.  I read that reflection and it really stuck with me, as Mother Teresa’s words often do.  That women had a gift to take the most complex and even controversial topics, and speak about them so clearly and powerfully in plain language.

Well that idea of obedience haunted me for a few weeks until finally I gave in and dug into the topic.  I read everything that Mother Teresa wrote about obedience, and I was not let down.  Much of what I read was written for her community and talked about the role of obedience in religious community life.  However, nearly every point she made could also be perfectly applied to the type of obedience we are called to in family and marriage, as well as in our faith lives.

So that is basically what this week’s episode is–a summary of Mother Teresa’s teaching on Obedience.  In a very real way it’s like she’s my guest.  I am still learning to be obedient in my marriage, my family and my faith life, so I needed a real expert to teach us all, and for that I looked to Mother Teresa.

So, go have a listen and please, if you have anything to add, I want to hear it!  Leave a comment here, or on Facebook.