I’m back!  I know that you set your lives by the release of my podcast episodes (ha!  so very kidding) and have been wondering why I have been so slow to release another episode.  Well, to know the answer to that question…you will have to listen to the first few minutes of this episode.

Aren’t I the worst!

It is a big announcement, a big surprise for all involved (me!), that I have to share with you, and since this is a Catholic Mom Blog, I bet you can guess what it is. 😉 But go listen anyway.

Anyway, this episode is all about dealing with OVERWHELM.  I have come to realize that overwhelm plagues many of our lives.  There never seems to be enough time, money or energy to do what we need to do…and in the end we dissolve into a crabby frenzy.  At least that is what happens to me.

Although I am not an expert, I worked hard to pull together some small, practical things that do genuinely help with feelings of overwhelm, especially for those of us busy with the work of raising little ones.  Some of the tips are actual things you can do, others are things you should stop doing.  And, I would LOVE it if you added your own tips and advice here in the comments.  How have you learned (or are learning) to deal with overwhelm?  Please share so we can grow and learn together!

This episode is so important because we are not meant to live life OVERWHELMED.  Sure, we can be overwhelmed with love–and hopefully you feel this way often, but we should not feel like we are simply treading water…and often almost drowning.  This is not how we are called to live as mothers and wives, and changing our own behavior and mindset is the key to living a better, more measured life.

Finally, if you are feeling overwhelmed, please know that you are in my prayers, and I really hope that some of my ramblings today are a little bit helpful.

Your sister in Christ,

PS–in case you need a visual representation of OVERWHELM, here you go.  My latest (failed) attempt at getting a sibling photo of my crew…


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