Today’s episode is beautiful.  That is just a fact.

Katie Wood of The Joyful Leap joins me on today’s episode and you are going to be captivated and motivated by the beauty of what she has to share.  I certainly was.  Our conversation covers the topics of Motherhood, Marriage, The Church and the Saint and all of these things weave together to form Katie’s very powerful Just One Small Thing:

Mothers Need Support.

They need support from family, other mothers, their communities, the Church and the saints in heaven.

Motherhood can be a difficult journey, but thank goodness we are Catholic and have the example of Our Lady who went to visit Elizabeth and really supported her through the birth of her child.  And thank goodness for the saints that continue to intercede for us.  In the episode Katie talks about one real-life saint she knew before her passing and all the ways that little Margaret continues to intercede for her.  It is an incredible story.  To read about this real little girl, check out THIS BOOK, which Katie references in the episode.

Katie’s passion to help new and expectant mothers has spurred her to start The Joyful Leap.  Together with her friend Elizabeth, Katie offers a box of Catholic objects to support new and expectant mothers and pull them into the holiness of this vocation.  I only wish I had had something like then when I started having babies!  What a powerful box to have right there with you in the delivery room!

To hear more from Katie you can find her on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram.

Thanks for your support–and many blessings!

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