Welcome to day 2 of the mini course for Catholic Married Women.  And today we are going to be brave and talk about something we often shy away from: Sex.  Yup, this video is all about married sex.

Get excited!!!

And, also get out the ear buds 😉

I decided to do this video lesson sex because sex was the #2 issues you said you struggled with in your marriage.  But even more than that, I tackled this issues because sex is SUPER important.  Sex is not just how we connect with our husband and make babies and experience pleasure.  It is, of course all of those things–but it is also SACRAMENT.  Just like Holy Eucharist.

Sex not only matters, sex is possibly the most important issues in your life right now.

So, let’s do it!  Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Your sister in Christ,