Hey there my friends!

I’m back today with another installment of the Just One Small Thing Podcast.  I’m flying solo, but I came armed with one of my favorite Saints, St. Therese of Lisieux.  Perhaps you have noticed that I sort of have a thing for her 😉

For some time I have been reflecting a lot of the “Little Way” of St Therese, as well as on how I can make the life I lead as a at-home-mom more holy—and then it hit me!

Motherhood is a Little Way.

This really came home to me a few weeks ago when I was pulling together all of your suggestions for adding prayer to the life of an at-home-parent.  I was combing through the responses when I realized that the real key to praying when your life is over run by kids is to use the activities you know you will be doing each day (like changing diapers and doing dishes and folding laundry) and turning those very activities into a prayer.

Mind blown?  Mine was.

Not only this has simple idea changed my entire life, it also really brought home to be that Motherhood, when lived this way, is a Little Way.

In the episode I break down the three steps to living the little way of St. Therese: Recognize, Trust and Try.  And as I walk through these steps I bet you too will be saying, yes, Motherhood is such a little way.

In the episode I also mention both of these books: Story of a Soul: the Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux  and 33 Days to Merciful Love  by Fr. Micheal Gaitely.  I recently read the book by Fr. Micheal Gaitley and have borrowed his genius 3 steps to living the Little Way, translating them into all things Mom.  If you have yet to, I really encourage you to read this book and look into the wonderful spirituality let to us by St. Therese.

So, go listen and please, if you have anything to add to what I am talking about here, please sure!  I am imperfect in so many ways and have already reaped so much from the collectively wisdom of this community.

Your sister,