I have a real treat for you today!  My friend Shannon Wendt from is on the podcast today talking about doing the BIG SCARY things, even when you are busy and a mom and homeschooling and uncertain.  Just being brave and doing them.

Shannon is such an inspiration because she has really DONE the big things.  Chances are, even if you haven’t heard of Shannon, you are familiar with her products.  She is the creator of the Chewable Rosary, a rosary with beads made out of silicone perfect for a baby to chew on as you pray–and almost impossible to break!  Here is a picture of my Josie chewing on her bright colorful rosary from Shannon’s shop:

Here is the coolest thing about Shannon.  As you will hear in this episode she went through a period of real suffering, and during that period God and Mary ministered to her in a beautiful way–but that is not the remarkable part as God is willing to minister to all of us in our suffering.  But, Shannon took what she learned during that time and transformed it into a mission to help other mothers and families like hers pray the rosary more.

Guided by this incredible mission Shannon has steadily built a business over the past 9 years that has grown to support not only her own family, but a couple other families as well.

And she did all of this while rising her own soon to be 7 kids and homeschooling.

Now, it might be easy to dismiss what she has done thinking that perhaps she is a super-human, but she isn’t.  One of the things she stresses again and again is that ANYONE can do what she has done.  Anyone.  You just need to do it.

So, if you are in the right place to hear this message today, I hope you are inspired by what Shannon has to say.

And, I KNOW that once you hear about Shannon’s mission and business you are going to be dying to grab some of her products.  Here is an example of the Rosary Bracelet she talked about in the episode with the movable crucifix charm, perfect for slowly praying an entire rosary each day, even as a busy at-home parent.

Once again, you can find her shop at  Head there soon because Shannon has some incredible Christmas in July sales going on right now.  A different awesome offer each week of the month.  Don’t miss it.  Check out all of the details here.

Thanks, as always for being here!