Well, I’m back today with another episode of the Just One Small Thing podcast, and it’s a good one.  And it is SO Catholic.  So, get ready for a powerful, fun, inspiring listen.

The quality of this episode is thanks 100% to the amazing guest joining me: Katie, my friend in real life.  That’s right.  I actually know her and we recorded this episode in her kitchen while our kids played/fought just outside.  We paused the recording many times to do some needed mothering, but thanks to the Holy Spirit, I still feel like what we ended up with is good.

The Just One Small Thing Katie wanted to talk about is the Transforming Nature of the Eucharist.

Yeah, I told you it was Catholic!

What amazed me is all of the twists and turns our conversation about the Eucharist took.  As we talked about the Eucharist we discussed marriage and sex and parenthood and so much more.  I even start out the episode with a quick movie review of The Shack and share ideas for editing it and making a better Catholic version.  😉

I’d love for you to listen and once you do, share you own stories of the ways the Eucharist has transformed you, your marriage, your children.  Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

And, in case you are looking for some of the things we talked about, here are the links:

And once again, thank you for your ongoing support with this podcast.  I have treasured each and ever response that you have sent me, please keep them coming!

Also, I continue to look for Catholic Women that are willing to come on the podcast and share their Just One Small Thing with us.