Hey there, friend!

A new episode of the Just One Small Thing podcast is hot off the presses!  And guess what, I have a wonderful guest to share with you today, my digital friend Emily.  And the Just One Small Thing of this episode is all about the mental health and well being of new and expectant mothers.

Have a listen.



This topic, the mental health of new and expectant mothers, might seem like an overly specific topic for the podcast, and in a way it is.  But, since this is my podcast, I make the rules, and I feel very passionate about this topic, so I’m going to allow it!

After Gus, my oldest, was born six years ago I experienced the deep darkness of postpartum depression/anxiety.  Thankfully I was able to get help quickly and have taken steps since that time to ensure that I never experience that darkness again.  Because I am NOT going back there.  In fact, I talk about this in depth in THIS POST.

Since that I have also taken it upon myself to reach out to new moms.  Motherhood is hard enough.  You should not have to go through it with mental illness as well, especially not when there is a cure.

And, in just the past few weeks this hardship has touched my life again with the struggles of a Momma I know in real life–a Momma who just had her 4th and feels like she should be “stronger” and “beyond” all of this–but of course that’s just not how these things work.

So, Emily graciously agreed to come and talk about this topic on the podcast.

Here’s a great pictures of Emily and her crew.

Emily has really made helping new and expectant mothers her mission.  She works to offer support and help to mothers dealing with this darkness, and if you ‘d like to connect with her, head over to her facebook page, Be Like Lillies.  In the interview she also references a helpful toolkit that you can learn more about HERE.

So, go listen.

And, thanks once again, for your wonderful support, and for joining me in this important movement.


Through Small Things, Greatness!