Episode of the Just One Small Thing Podcast is up and ready for you!  And this one is about one of the HOTTEST topics in the Catholic Married world: FERTILITY–a topic that in this podcast includes NFP, the over-blessing of children, miscarriage, infertility and loss.

The reason I decided to tackle this topic on the podcast is because issues of fertility were a common theme for both the Catholic Wife and Catholic Husband survey.

Many, many couples are not only struggling in their sex lives, but also in saying YES to God’s plan for the shape and size of their families.  And my husband and I are right there with you.

When we got married we knew we wanted a lot of children…but we really had no idea what that would mean or demand of us.  Through God’s goodness we have had NO trouble getting pregnant, but now that we have 4 children, with our oldest only heading off to kindergarten in the fall, we are feeling pretty overwhelmed.  And, since having another baby right now seems like a bit more than we can handle, we are cracking down and using NFP for a little space.

And that is little to no fun.

We have also been through miscarriage and know all too well how that changes everything, and even makes me feel a little guilty about avoiding pregnancy right now!

The fertility years are such a jumbled mess of emotions!  Are you with me?

And then we are asked to navigate all of this with a MAN–our husbands.  All while attempting to turn our backs on the “conventional wisdom” of society that tells us we should stop stressing and just take a pill.

It’s rough!  And denying how rough it is doesn’t help anyone!

All of this is what I spend about 30 minutes talking about in this week’s episode.  And I also play, in my standard low-tech way, one of my favorite songs from the Cat Chat VBS we did this week.  So enjoy that ;).

So, go have a listen, and after you do, please, take a minute to share your fertility experience either here in the comments, on my Facebook Page, or in an email ([email protected]).  I truly treasure all of your stories and value hearing about other Catholic Couples and their experiences.

And finally, thank you to all of you wonderful souls that have listened to the podcast–and the many that have taken the time to write me emails about what they loved.  The last episode has already been downloaded over 1,000 times!  WHAT!

I am so touched and please, if you have a SMALL THING you would be willing to share on the podcast, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO SHARE!  All it takes to be my guest is a phone, 30 minutes and a tiny bit of wisdom.  And even you have that.

Thanks again!