So, this weekend my niece asked me, “Aunt Nancy, how many projects do you have going on right now?” and without missing a beat my sister and husband chimed in, in unison, “TOO MANY!”


Since I narrowed my focus in the past years to serving exclusively Catholic Women, I just have all of these ideas for ways that I want to help them connect and grow and live better.  I have so many ideas!

One of those ideas that I have been working on for a while now is a Podcast.  And guess what, I just published the first 3 episodes.

<YAY!!  and the crowd goes wild!!!>


It’s all ready for you, and I’d love for you to listen in.



Now, why a podcast you ask?  Great question.

I was inspired to start a podcast for a couple of reasons.

First, I really, strongly believe that each Catholic woman has, in some way, stumbled upon a little gem of truth (a just one small thing, if you will) that we all can benefit from.  No matter the age, race, geographic location, or vocation, we are all endowed with what JPII called the Feminine Genius and only us women know how to live a life that is 100% Catholic AND 100% feminine.  We learn best the path to holiness when we can come together and share.  The podcast is a place to share these bits of wisdom while laughing and crying and growing together.

Second, I have become increasingly attached to this community.  Everyday I write to dozens of women who have graciously taken a minute to email me.  They share so much joy and pain and hope and fear with me.  It is the biggest honor.  And so, it has become my mission to serve this community in as genuine and personal a way I can.

And, cramming blog content do your throats just didn’t feel good enough.  Or good at all.

But chatting with you, well that felt good.

I love the personal aspect of a podcast.  I love hearing people’s voices.  I have gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts while I clean my kitchen in the evening, an exercise that takes about 30 minutes…which is why I have created a podcast that is about 30 minutes long!  At that time of the day my husband generally has the kids up in the bathtub and I, for the first time all day, have a minute to myself.  When I turn on a podcast it feels like a friend has just sat down to chat while I clean (something I genuinely enjoy doing) and for those minutes it feels like I actually did have some adult conversation that day!

And that is what I want for us (you and me…and all Catholic Women) a real, conversation about the big parts of our lives as moms, wives, daughters, sister, friends and women.

A few more details about the podcast:

The podcast is not about me.  It is about Catholic Women and although I might jump in from time to time with an antidote or thought, I try very hard to keep the spotlight on my guest.  Each episode I will have a guest on to share her just one small thing with us and explain how it has changed her life.

The podcast is not chatty.  I really wanted this podcast to be mostly meat.  We get right into the “Just One Small Thing” at the top of each podcast and stay as focused  as possible on sharing as much wisdom as I can in roughly 30 minutes.  In fact, I spend time editing out the chit-chat.  I love chatting–I just don’t have time to listen to it in a podcast, so I thought you might not either.

The podcast is uniquely Catholic.  I love and respect all people, but this podcast is apologetically Catholic.  However, it is important to note that this podcast is not a place designed to teach the faith.  Instead it is a place for practicing Catholic women to grow together and find real ways to live out the faith.

The podcast is uniquely feminine.  Each week I plan to talk to another Catholic Women (sorry guys) and each week we will talk about things that are female.  Our topics can range from anything a daughter/sister/mother/wife/aunt/grandmother/friend might experience, but we will remain exclusively focused on women.

Although the material is clean, it can be ADULT in nature.  I promise that I will never swear or be crude, but, even in these 3 episodes, sex did come up a few times, and we use real words when talking about sex.  I just want that to be clear in case you have little ears listening in.

And guess what, the first 3 episodes are up and ready for you!  You can listen to them right here, or in your favorite podcast app.

Here they are:

J1ST000: Nancy on the Feminine Genius

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In this episode you get to listen to me, and only me.  The ONE SMALL THING that I share here is basically the premise for this podcast: The idea that each and every Catholic Women out there has some small gem of wisdom to share with us, and it is only when we come together and share that we can start to live in a way that is 100% Catholic and 100% feminine.

For a must better explanation of the feminine genius, read JPII’s Letter to Women.



J1ST001: Laura on Vulnerability

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I wanted to really start this podcast out on the right foot, so I begged my friend Laura Fanucci from one of my favorite blogs, The Mothering Spirit, to come and be my first guest.  And since she is my friend, and a generally wonderful human being, she agreed.

The reason I really wanted Laura to be my first guest is because I knew she would have some spectacular things to share…and that her wisdom would hopefully drown out the imperfect recording quality.  And, well, there is a learning curve to creating audio content, so the quality of this episode isn’t perfect.  Thanks for baring with me!  And seriously, what Laura has to say is worth it!

Laura decided that her Just One Small Thing was Vulnerability, a topic that, admittedly, makes me a little uneasy.  But, please, listen it.  Laura has a way with words like no one I have ever met.  In this episode you will get to know God and neighbor in a whole new way.

If you are looking for a few of the things we mention in this podcast, here are the links:

Laura’s Wonderful Book: Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting

A great personal retreat I recommend: 33 Days to Merciful Love by Fr. Michael Gaitley.



J1ST003: Maria on Sex, Exercise and Confession

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In this episode I interview…my sister!  Yup, after loads of arm-twisting I sat down with my sister this weekend and recorded another episode.

A little about this episode.  First off, what we talk about in this episode is for married women.  The Just One Small Thing that my sister shares in this episode is a saying she has embraced and which steers her life as a married woman.  Also, we spend some time talking about sex.  There is nothing explicit in what we say, but we also don’t mince words.  Please know that those sections of the podcast are probably best listened to without an audience of little ears.

In the podcast I mention a method for prayer I came across in a book by Dr. Gregory Popcack.  And, although this is a lot more detail, here is an explanation of the PRAISE prayer I used with my husband.



So, there you have it!  I started a podcast and I plan to release a new episode every week (or so).  If you listen all the way to the end of episode 002 you will hear a special message I have for you.  I am looking for more Catholic Women to come on and share their gems of wisdom, and maybe that means you!

Listen to the end of the podcast and shoot me an email if you feel so moved.  ([email protected])

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Thank you so much for your never-ending support. I love knowing so many great Catholic Women. Together we really are going to change this world.