A new podcast locked and loaded for you.  This one tackles yet another one of my (our) struggles: the desire to control and the need to surrender.

This podcast is, once again, just me.  I do have some lovely women lined up to be on the podcast, but I just felt like I needed to talk a few things out, and figure out what this movement was all about first.  And so that is what I have done.  Thank you for your love and support you have shown through this podcast.  It’s been an honor!

The conversation in this episode circles back, once again, to what I’ve been talking about in the past few episodes: that we are called to do small things, and that in reality we are small–and that being small is so great because it is honest, freeing and what we are called to be.


Throughout the podcast, I do string together a lot of ideas including:

  • The fact that we have a pool 1 block from my house and we are pool rats.
  • The idea that in marriage women need a lot of love and men need a lot of respect (a gem of wisdom sent to me by a reader) and that as fallen people we neglect to give our spouse these key things.
  • That I am terribly impatient…in every way.
  • An embarrassing story about my desire to control things from the days I was dating my husband.
  • My struggle to surrender to God in my personal life and ambitions
  • A few beautiful thoughts on the infinite love of God from Micheal Gately’s awesome book: 33 Days to Merciful Love
  • Just how much I love and cherish this community of Catholic Women (LOVE YOU!!!)

I would love to have you chime in on the topic of Control and Surrender.

Do you struggle with these things two?  Do you agree that we live in a culture of fear?  How can we learn to actually stop trying to control everything…and actually surrender?  In our marriages?  As daughters of God?

As you can see, I am FAR from flawless on this topic.

Nope, indeed I am right there with you, failing again and again, but striving for better.

So, go listen, and then send this link to a friend who might also benefit from hearing this message.

Your sister in Christ,