So, I recorded another podcast, all by my lonesome.  The topic this week is that “Love is a Choice” and I spend much of the episode detailing a few of my many failings as a wife including my most recent failure to be charitable to my husband while he suffered through a terrible stomach bug.

And because I feel like this is one of the most important topics for us married women to think about, I’d love for you to listen in.



Since the whole podcast is about choosing to love–and how love is an action–I couldn’t just record a podcast.  I just had to do something else, I just had to create something else for my community!  I had to create some way to help Catholic Wives that struggle to choose love in every little moment (and I am at the top of this list).

So I made a printable.  Because printables are a blogger’s pathetic way of contributing to the world.

But I really hope that this simple printable will help remind you of the simple, common, small ways that we can choose love.

I need as many reminders as anyone to love my husband–and more to the point–to SHOW my husband that I love him.

Each idea on this list is small and easy.  Things that we can easily accomplish while juggling all we currently have on our plate.  Take a look:

See?  Nothing on there is too hard, but just imagine how different things would be if we were able to do these things for our husbands each and every day?

In my marriage, it would be an incredible thing if I could simply find a reason to laugh with my husband every day.  He is always telling me amusing stories from work (that I only half understand) and most of the time I give him a half grin (or on my bad days, I roll my eyes) and get on with what I was doing.  But, when I actually stop, and focus on him, and find what is funny in his story, and actually laugh, well those turn out to be really good nights.

So, download the sheet, look it over and use it.  The PDF is totally free and ready to print.  I even created it in lots of different sizes because I plan to keep one in my purse, above my desk and beside my bed.  Because I need LOTS of reminding.


Once again, thank you, thank you for all of your support, and thank you for just being here.

We do small things, but through those small things…greatness.

Your sister,