Hey there friends!  Today, I need your help.  My latest project is all about serving Catholic Married Women, so, if you are indeed both married and Catholic, I BEG you to take a short (two questions) survey.

And, just to sweeten the deal, I plan to give away a SAINT CROSS STITCH BOOK and CUSTOM MADE SAINT ROSARY CASE to one of the lovely women that take a minute to fill out the survey.  

All you have to do is HEAD HERE, answer the 2 very simple questions (with as little as two clicks) and then head back here to leave a comment letting me know that you’ve completed the survey.

Easy.  Go do it now.

All answers will be completely confidential (even from me).

So, why am I being so nosy about your marriages?  Well, I’m naturally a nosy person, but there is another reason as well.

You see, over the last few months I have been working on yet another project.  I have decided to call this project, due out last summer 2017, THE CATHOLIC WIFE ACADEMY and at the moment it is only slightly more that a figment of my imagination.  But, I do have a possible header image.  #priorities.

Simply, The Catholic Wife Academy will be a 5 week training for women to become better wives and thus be happier in their marriages.  Yes, little old, imperfect Nancy is daring to be create an academy for Catholic Wives.  Bold?  Insane?  Yes.

Over the past 3 months I have been devouring every book I can find on marriage–from the writings of JPII to the (sometimes strange) ideas in modern psychology.  I have notebooks of notes, but I’ve realized that I need to get out of my own head (and the library) and tap into a MUCH MORE VALUABLE source of information: YOU.

You, like me, are living the sacrament of holy marriage day in and out.  And I need you to weigh in.

And, in case you are wondering about why I thought I could create something valuable on the topic of Catholic Marriage (oh, I’m not offended!) I’ll tell you a bit of my epiphany story.

This winter we had Jon Lionetti come and speak at our parish mission.  He did a great job, but what I was most impressed by was how straightforward he was about being a sinner, and despite that, he still felt able to come and talk to others about striving for holiness.

Listening to him say those words was a turning point for me.  I suddenly realized that I didn’t need to be a perfect wife (ha!) or mother (ha! ha!) before I tried to build something that could help others become better wives and mothers.  Listening to Jon Lionetti and knowing that he too struggled and sinned didn’t make me feel like he had no right talking about matters of holiness.  On the contrary, knowing that he too was a sinner made me want to listen to him even more.

So I decided to just do it.

In a gist, the Catholic Wife Academy will focus on APPLYING the teachings of JPII (Love and Responsibility, The Family and Sexuality and Theology of the Body) to marriage in a practical way that focuses exclusively on the personality and needs of women.

And, in case you are wondering, I plan to spend about 1/3 of the course talking directly about sex since, as many marriage experts say, affection is the environment of marriage, and sex is the event.

Plus, don’t you agree that married, Catholic women need a safe, respectful place to talk about sex without the fear of stumbling on pornography or scandalizing those not married?  I certainly do.  Where else are we supposed to learn these things?

So, yup, there is the plan (and unfortunately at the moment it is just a plan).  And I don’t want to take one more step forward  until you chime in on this survey.

Once again, here is the LINK.

(remember feeling like this on your wedding day?  me neither.)

Like I said, take the survey and then head back here to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing for BOTH of these FABULOUS prizes!!

One lucky survey-taker will win the Complete Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch Book

As well as a hand-sewn saint rosary case with depicting the saint of your choosing, which I will stitch up myself.

Okay, did I motivate you to take the quickest survey ever?  Good, go do it.

Your sister in Christ,