Home with the kids full time, but eager to contribute to your family’s budget in a real way?  Start a business and become a Naptime Entrepreneur.  Let me show you how.

I quit teaching to stay home with my first child six years ago.  Although my husband had crunched the numbers and assured me that we would be fine without my salary, things were tight and I was eager to contribute financially in some way while home full time.

So, I turned to google and Pinterest and searched for some way to make money online while home as a mom full time.

At first my heart lightened.  There were tons of sites claiming to have boatloads of ideas for earning money at home.  So I click-clicked my way through site after site…and I quickly discovered that all of these ideas for making money as an at-home-parent were crap.  Utter crap.

Get paid a few bucks for taking long annoying surveys?  Pass.

Visit strange sites and do silly things to be paid in fake money?  Pass.

Test out products I’m not interested in…and only get paid in those product I’m not interested in?  Pass.

Defeated I gave up.

Months later I started this blog and for years it served as my creative outlet and hobby, with no real hope of ever earning anything.  And then I started to earn a little, and a little more…and through all of the work I have done online over the last 6 years, I have discovered something those sites and searches failed to tell me.

There is a way to make money (maybe even a lot of money) while home with kids full time: start an online business.

And I don’t mean start a blog.  The web is already clogged with sites offering to help you set up and profit from a blog–go there if you are looking for that information.

No, I mean start a real business that focuses on the needs of a real group of people and strives to create products and services for them that offer real value to their lives.

You know, like real businesses do.

So, if you are an at-home-parent (or hopeful at-home-parent or future at-home-parent) and want to make money for your family, it’s time to start thinking like an Entrepreneur–a Naptime Entrepreneur–and start a business.  Online businesses require little to no start up cost and the earning potential is limitless, even for those of us busy with kids at home.  Our growth might be slow, but it is possible!

I know what you are thinking: “How in the world could I EVER start a business while home with the kids?” And I get it.  My life here with 4 kids all too young for school is completely bonkers nutty.  Most days it’s a victory if I get in and out of the shower.  But, although things are crazy, there are quieter moments in my day, and likely yours as well.  Moments when the little ones are sleeping and the big ones are doing quiet time.  Time after they are all tucked into bed at time or before they are awake in the morning.  I have carved out one hour each day to work on and grow my business and it has paid off.

The money I earn online has made a real impact on my family’s finances.  The money I have earned online has been used to feed us, entertain us and educate my children and the more I dig into my own business the more potential I see for a serious income, all without taking time away form my kids or hiring a babysitter.

And let me tell you, I’m nothing remarkable.  I have no outstanding talent or skill that makes creating and selling products easier for me than it would be for anyone else.  You can do this too.  You can set up a business that you can run from your home that will, in time, earn money for your family.

And so, if you are in the same place I was six years ago, searching for a way to make money while home with the kids, let me show you how.  I have put together a 6 day email course that will walk you through the basics of setting up and getting started with your own Naptime Business.  The last thing I want to do is overwhelm you, so for 6 days I will drop into your inbox with another step in setting up your online business.  At the end of the mini course you should know what you plan to sell, who you will market it to, the structure of your shop and the fundamental principles you will need to follow to create a profitable business.  Seriously, a week from now you could be a small business owner!

Sign up and let’s get started!

Making a go of an online business does take a lot of work and a little guts, but if you want it, you can do it and you will reap great rewards–and that is what I want for you and your family!  I want your kids home, being cared for by a loving parent, and for you to help ease the financial burden on your spouse with the income you can make from an online business.

Because this is the only good option for making money online while home with the kids full time.

Sign up HERE, and I’ll see you in your in box