Employ the PRAYERFUL ART OF COLORING this Lent to draw closer to our Lord and live more fully in his word.

I go through phases of being really bad at prayer.  I want to pray, I want to spend time with God–but I just can’t seem to turn off my brain.  Even in adoration before the Holy Sacrament, my mind is buzzing and frantic.  And when I do calm down and find the quiet…all to often I begin to drift off to sleep.

Much of this distraction is due to the clutter in my life and my mind…and the exhaustion thanks to a pretty little baby that still gets up several times a night.  But, until I live a more ordered life, and until Josie let’s me get 5 hours of consecutive sleep, I’ve been searching for ways to help me concentrate, to sit still and to be quiet enough to hear God’s voice.

Coloring has been a game changer for me.

I’ve written about the prayerful art of coloring before, and I know several of you have downloaded and used my coloring pages.  I really hope that you have found them helpful and God has used them to speak to you.

With Lent approaching I wanted something like this, something I could do daily that didn’t have a lot of rules or reading.  Something that was fun and relaxing, and yet fruitful.  So, I put together a set of 47 Scripture Based Coloring Pages for Lent.  And you can grab the whole bunch right now for $5

Get the Lenten Coloring Pages for $5

The heart of these coloring pages are the words of Christ.  I continue to be struck my the gift we have in the Gospels.  Not only do we know about our Jesus, our Savor–we get to hear him speak!  His actual words are recorded for us to read and ponder.  How amazing is that!

I created 47 coloring pages (one for each day of Lent, including Sundays) and pulled out one verse from the daily readings for that day to be included on the coloring pages.  That way, even if you don’t make it to daily mass everyday, you are participating in the drama of the Lenten season.  Also, instead of drawing an illustration for each page, I created an abstract design because coloring these pages is not about creating a masterpiece, it is about keeping your hands busy while your mind is quiet and listening to God.

I am really looking forward to making Prayerful Coloring a part of my daily Lenten routine.  If you would like to join me, head here to pick up the whole set for $5

Get the Lenten Coloring Pages for $5

They are laid out in the 1/2 size and are ready to print.

Thanks for being here,

Your sister in Christ,

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