Dear At-Home Parents,

This post has the power to radically change your life for the better.  I mean it.  This concept is the key to being and staying happy while at-home with the kids full-time.  So, if you wrestle with feelings of failure, burnout or simply struggle to remember who you really are, pay attention.

The one way to be happy and stay happy as an at-home parent is to start a PASSION PROJECT.

It is vital that you have a project that is ALL YOURS and that can sustain you through the toughest, most lonely days at home with kids.  I feel so passionately about this, that I wrote a 7 day email course to help you set one up for yourself.  It’s free.  Enter your email below and let’s do this.

I know the power of a passion project because my own passion project (this blog and all that I have created online to help mothers) has saved me in a very real way.  Yes, 90% of the time I am a mom, doing all the things moms and homemakers do.  But 10% of the time, during naptimes and evenings, I throw myself into a project that is always growing and changing and challenging me.  And, it is because of this project that I can meet each day, each moment with my children refreshed and energized.

It is because of this project that I am content and 100% fulfilled with my life at home.

Yes, I love my children more than any project.  But, having a passion project allows me to use the talents and skills my work at home doesn’t ask me to use.  My passion project challenges me in ways my home and children don’t.  My passion project keeps me balanced where balance is very difficult to find.

But, before we go any further, let’s stop here for a minute and talk about the HOLY, HUMBLE WORK OF MOTHERHOOD.

The work of a mother is defined by Doing Small Things with Great Love and this is a great honor.  As mothers we are called to embrace humility and it is often that humility that leads to our holiness.  The work of caring for the needs of our family is good and holy work, and when we unite this work with the suffering and grace of Jesus Christ, it does have the power to transform our hearts and, through our children, the whole world.

The holy work of a full-time parent isn’t easy, but we know that the home is a good and holy place for us to be.

But as we all know, even holy things can be hard.  Sure, we get to be there for every moment of our precious children’s lives, but, on the other hand, we have to be there for EVERY MOMENT of our precious children’s lives.  Our work never ends, almost all of that work is thankless and too often we loose track of who we are as women, thinkers and individuals during these years.

Frankly, it’s hard to remain convinced of your beauty when your uniform is a ratty t-shirt and leggings.  It’s hard to feel intellectual when your only reading materials are picture books and your Facebook Feed.  It’s hard to keep that bounce in your step when the laundry and dishes and complaining never ends, and when all you have to look forward to is Netflix and sleep.

It’s hard, there’s no denying it.

But please, hear this.  Even though the humble work of an at-home parent is good holy work, it is not good that it CONSUME you or make you feel LOST and LONELY and DISCONNECTED with who you are as an individual.

God created you with remarkable qualities that make you an excellent mother and homemaker.  However, your talents and gifts go beyond what you are asked to do in the home.  You are capable of much more, and you will not be happy until you start using your talents.


You can find happiness and fulfillment right at home with a passion project.  A project you work on just an hour or so each day, but one that grows directly out of your unique interests and desires.  And not only should you start a passion project, you need start a passion project.

Yes, I said need.

You need to do this for yourself–but also for your spouse and your children.  You need to find a way to be happy and fulfilled and balanced while at home and a passion project is the way to do that.

You are a full, spectacular person.  Yes, you love your children, but it should not be shocking that you need MORE than you can get from running after a toddler all day and cruising Facebook as he naps.

You need to be challenged.  You need to have something that is 100% yours that you can look forward to during those long days.  You need something totally different from your life as a mom and homemaker, that recharges you and allows you to get back to your kids with a new attitude and a bounce in your step.

You need a passion project.  And I want to keep you find one.

Sign up below and for seven days straight I will pop into your inbox and take you step-by-step through finding, setting up and starting your own passion project.  It’s totally free.  No strings attached.

Just sign up, and let’s start walking toward happy.

Because you deserve to be happy.  And your husband deserves to come home to a happy wife.  And your kids deserve to live each day with a happy, energized mother.

Let’s make this happen together.

See you in your inbox!

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