Advent is a perfect time to really dive into scripture.  Whether your family is doing the Jesse Tree or you are working through a Bible Study, this period of waiting for the Lord is best done in His Word.

And, for all of us sleep deprived moms, I have created another, very simple coloring page–because I have a tendency to fall asleep while mediating on scripture unless I am actively doing something.  Therefore, I am a big believer in the prayerful art of coloring.

I have decided to spend most of my Advent off-line, so I am going to keep this brief today.  Today’s coloring page is perfect to reflect on during Advent.  The words, spoken by our Blessed Mother speak of surrender, trust and complete gift-of-self to God.

“Behold, I am the Handmaid of the Lord.”


The words are surrounded by branches forming a bit of a wreath, which in itself holds lots of meaning for us during this season.

There is so much to think and reflect on, even in this one little statement.  Please use and share it!

This coloring page, like all of the coloring pages I have shared so far, is completely free.  You can find the PDF of the coloring page right here.  Once the link is open, save the file to your computer or print.  Or both.

I was looking forward all day so to some quiet time this afternoon so I could color my own page.  Bernadette, however, refused to take a nap, so I printed off a second copy for her…and I almost like her colorful version better than my own!  Regardless, her’s in the one hanging on our fridge right now, reminding me constantly of what it means to be obediant to the Lord.  And as we colored we talked about Mary and the Angel and Jesus the baby.  Even though it wasn’t quiet, it was still pretty enjoyable.


Once again, have a very blessed Advent.  Don’t let the world and the radio and the stores trick you.  It isn’t Christmas yet!


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