What if there was one book that could help you manage it all: your faith, family, meals, calendar, budget, responsibilities and goals?  One book small enough to fit in a diaper bag.  One book made exclusively for people like us, Catholic Mothers.

Well, as of today there is.


The Catholic Woman’s Companion is on sale today for the low price of $29.99.  A small investment considering the impact this little book could have on your life.

I spent most of my summer working and reworking this planner because I was tired of living without a plan–living on scraps of paper and caffeine.  Tired of trying (and failing) to keep track of “printables” and binders and notepads.

Instead, I wanted just one book.

I wanted a calendar that pulled me into the daily Word.

I wanted a gentle reminder of the daily feast days and a place to record my intentions.

I wanted a convenient and consistent way to plan for meals and groceries.

I wanted a written budget to live by.

I wanted a simple Bible Study there at my finger tips that I could turn to without much effort.

I wanted an organized way to prepare for the liturgical seasons and a way to track my habits and improvement.

What I didn’t want was an expensive, fancy book that offered only half of what I was looking for.

Nope, I wanted a WORKING planner that could be there to support me in all parts of my life.

So, that’s what I made.  I made it for myself, but, because I know we have many of the same struggles and goals and desires, I’m so very excited to share it with you.


You can read about every little detail of the planner HERE, as well as sign up to receive a free digital copy of January 2017, if you would like to look it over before your purchase.  But be warned.  I am keeping the planner at this LOW price only through Midnight on November 3rd.  After that the planner will cost $34.99.

Just to be clear, the planner will be delivered to your doorstep in less to two weeks and will arrive as a ACTUAL PRINTED BOOK.  The calendar in the planner runs December 2016-December 2017 and the Simple Bible Study is for all of 2017.  The planner is B&W and has a spiral binding.


Quick note.  The Catholic Women’s Companion works well with 2 other resources: the Daily Docket and the Gratitude Journal.

Making the Catholic Woman’s Companion has been a labor of love and I half can’t believe that the day is finally here to send it out into the world.  It is my deepest prayer that this simple book brings a small amount of order and calm to your life and allows you to live more boldly as the great woman you are.

And finally, I am so deeply thankful for your support and loyalty.  I marvel at the privilege I have been given to serve you all in this way.  Thank you.

In Christ,

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