No longer just a digital download–the Catholic Saint Cross Stitch Patterns are now an actual book…which is on sale today!


You can purchase it for $30 right HERE.

The book turned out so good.  It’s thrilling!  Here are the details:

The book contains over 150 different patterns–30 of which I have never offered before.  Just to wet your pallet, here is the entire table of contents:


Yup–I even included the characters from the Old Testament and the Nativity.  They are all in here.

The book is printed in FULL COLOR.  Although this made the book a bit more expensive, I think it was worth it because now children can grab the book off the self, pull out the perler beads and get creating.  That’s right–the patterns can be used for both cross stitch AND perler beads.  Also, the color makes it really fun to flip through.  My kids enjoy just looking at the book and learning about the saints that way.

The book also includes 4 pages describing in detail how to cross stitch and a few never before shared patterns for Saint Quote Bible Bookmark patterns.

Here’s a look at the the inside of the book (and one of the new patterns):


Each saint has a 2 page spread in the book.  On the left is a color image of the pattern and on the left is the cross stitch pattern with legend.  And, if you don’t know anything about Our Lady of Chestohova, stay tuned.  She will be featured here real soon!

But, in classic Nancy form, I got carried away in my excitement.  I just kept creating and coming up with more ideas!  So, if you are excited enough to buy this book during the month of November I will be sending some freebies your way:

#1 Freebie: Digital Copy of Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch Book.

I decided to include a digital copy of the book for all of those big families out there.  What happens when one kid is stitching up St. Therese and another St. Matthew?  You can’t really share a book while stitching different saints.  With the digital copy you can easily print out individual patterns for kids without the hassle of photocopy.

#2 Freebie: Catholic Saints Alphabet Sampler Pattern.


I am definitely too excited about this one.  I put together this pattern because people had been asking for it, not really expecting it to turn out so cool.  I mean, after seeing this don’t you just want to get started stitching it now?  That is the way I felt.  Here is my progress so far:

Yes, I have A LOT left to do, but I can’t even explain how excited I am to have this done and hanging in my children’t room.  What better way to learn the alphabet?

Now, because Lulu isn’t quite as integrated as other platforms I need you to let me know on this FORM when you have purchased a book.  In order to fill out the form you only need an email address and an order number from  Once I get that from you, I will send the Digital Copy and the PDF of this Saint Sampler your way.  The book itself will arrive on your doorstep in 2 weeks or less.


And that is basically it!  Once again, here is the link if you are interested.

Buy now for $30.

Thank you for your endless support!

Your sister in Christ,

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