We have so much stuff.  It’s incredible.  Less than a year ago I seriously purged before a big cross country move, and yet here we are, in a house full of stuff, once again.  Some days it feels like all I do is manage the stuff.  Are you with me?

So, the very last thing I want to do this Christmas is get my kids more STUFF.  Yuck.  My husband, in all his wisdom, suggested long ago that each of our children get 3 gifts on Christmas because, as he put, “If 3 gifts were enough for Jesus, 3 gifts are enough for our kids.”  So True. Each year we give our kids one big gift and two smaller gifts.  These smaller gifts fall into the category of “stocking stuffers” for me, even though they likely won’t end up in the stocking, or are too big for a stocking.  Since it is Christmas, you know, Jesus’ birth, we are sticking with faith-filled smaller gifts for our kids this year.  And, because I love all of you and all of these item–I thought I’d share the gifts we are getting, as well as a few gems from previous years with you!

1. The Glory Stories from Holy Heroes.


We are WAY into audio books around here. Many days, audio books are they only way I survive.  So, I was thrilled when I found these Glory Stories from Holy Heroes.  They are incredible and my kids love them.  Many of them pair with coloring books.  And, I really enjoy listening to them myself–and even learn a lot too.  I plan on investing in the whole set soon.

2. CCC Animated Saint Movies


Here is something I grew up with!  I watched these CCC Saint movies as a girl and loved them.  We don’t watch much TV at home…but we do have screens in our car and I’m excited to put these on for the kids instead of Disney.

3. Super Saints Playing Cards from Equipping Catholic Families


Don’t you just love cool Catholic things?  The kids are really into games and playing cards and I think we are going to have a lot of fun with these beautiful playing cards from Equipping Catholic Families.  I ordered mine just today.

4. Saint Books from Magnificat


The Magnificat offers some beautiful illustrated saint books.  We gave these books to our kids last year and read them often.  A great investment for any Catholic Family.

5. Catholic Onesie


And here is something crazy cute for your baby.  A miraculous medal onesie.  I mean, seriously?  I can’t express how much I love this (and this sweet little chubby baby of mine!)  The shop linked above also has a ton of other adorable super Catholic onesies, if you want to stock up.

6. Lego Rosary


I have already ordered a Lego Rosary for each of our boys and my Godson because, duh.  They are so cool, aren’t they?  Why am I just hearing about these now?  I can not wait for the boys to get them.  They come in loads of colors.  Get them from THIS SHOP on etsy.

7. Rosary Quiet Book

Rosary Quiet Book Pattern--Each page included a simple activity for perschool-aged children to do while praying the rosary

I have already made and given my children a Rosary Quiet Book, but I continue to see how much my kids love the rosary because of the quiet books.  The pattern is only $6, but this is a pretty work-intensive project.  BUT, if you are up for it you might just have enough time to make it for Christmas.

8. Saints in Cross Stitch, Book or Made Projects


And finally, the Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch.  I know, I know.  I have been talking and talking about these patterns and this book.  I just wanted to wrap up this list with my current project.  Right now I am stitching up each of my Godchildren and children’s patron saints on 18 ct. cloth.  I plan on using these stitched saints to make a little rosary pouch for each of them.  And that pouch, along with a cute little rosary, will be their Christmas gift from me.

I know that a rosary case and rosary might not get the screams of delight from my Godchildren that some toy might, but I really pray that by giving them a personalized sacramental they will hold onto it and treasure it and (hopefully) USE it.  I can’t tell you how many rosaries I have owned and lost.  But there is one, which my beloved Grandma Anne gave me on my confirmation, that I use and cherish even to this day.  Maybe these rosaries will be lost immediately.  But I’m hoping with every little stitch I make that they have some sort of an impact on the souls of my wonderful Godchildren.

And there you have it!  Please, if you have other ideas for Stocking Stuffers perfect for Catholic Families, leave them in the comments and I will work to add them to the post.

In Christ,

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