The Catholic faith is awesome, isn’t it?  There is just so much to continue to discover, and just when some small part of the faith and Catholic history is starting to feel common, there is something else to learn and marvel at.

Last year sometime I read this and became dedicated to wearing my miraculous medal every single day.  And, with the exception of when Bernadette dropped my necklace down a vent, I have done so.  I love everything about the miraculous medal-it’s origin, the lore, the imagery.  I’ve gotten all of my miraculous medal necklaces on Etsy, including this one I gave away with the planner a few weeks ago, and I have been thrilled with each one of them.

But you know me.  It is only a matter of time before I start seeing something in cross stitch.  It’s an illness, I think.

So, a few months ago I put together a pattern and spent a few road trips stitching.  My husband doubted me, but after I was done stitching I transformed my cross stitch project into a real pendant.  Seriously, I now wear a CROSS STITCHED miraculous medal pendant.  (can I still call it a medal if there’s no medal involved?  Is there another term?).  Regardless, I love it.


It was such a fun project that I just had to share it with you–and offer you the pattern for free.  It’s right HERE, front and back, ready to be printed.  It’s been awhile since I did a crafty tutorial, so sit back and enjoy.  This one calls for actual craft supplies, which I was happy to dust off, pull out and use.


  • 18 ct Aida Cloth
  • DMC thread (colors needed listed on pattern)
  • embroidery hoop for stitching
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • 1 jump ring (jewelry supply)
  • 2 pairs of jewelry pliers
  • 1 necklace chain

First off, print out the pattern and get stitching.  It might look small, but this pendant calls for a lot of stitching.  I stitched mine on 18 count aida cloth because if I had used 14 count, like I usually do, it would have been huge.  And remember, when stitching religious images, like this one, it is a wonderful thing to make your crafting a prayer.  Mediate on Our Lady, her Yes, her Son.  Do this and your finished project will mean so much more.


Once the stitching is done, carefully cut out the front and back of the pendant, leaving one empty stitch along all sides.

Next, using a small amount of the dimensional magic, glue the front and back of the pendant together.  Then, using the jewelry pliers, add a jump ring to the top.  To make sure it stays in the pendant, loop it under the top center stitch.


And now is when things get a little messy.  The dimensional magic is a clear, shiny material that will dry hard and will completely encase the pendant by the time we are done.  The dimensional magic will also give the pendant weight, so it feels like a real pendant.  But, it will take several coats to get there, and it’s a little tricky since we will be adding dimensional magic to both sides.


Carefully spread the dimensional magic over the top of the pendant.  Don’t add too much as it will run off the sides and leave you with a big mess.  Also make sure there aren’t any bubbles in the Dimensional Magic.  Allow it to dry.  Then flip the pendant over and apply dimensional magic to the back side.  Allow to dry and return to the front, repeating this until you have a nice, thick, smooth coat on each side.

Finally, apply a tin layer of dimensional magic around the edge of the pendant to make the edge is smooth as well.


And there you have it.  Even Catholic jewelry can be cross stitched.

I hope you enjoy this pattern.  Once again, it’s right HERE if you’d like to print and use it.

One final word for today.  You all have been such ridiculously amazing supporters–and of nothing more so than of my Saint Cross Stitch Patterns.  I’m happy to announce that I just completed a PRINTED book of all of the patterns.  It is at the printers right now and and will be available in just a few weeks.  It’s the perfect gift for all those crafty girls and ladies in your life (and if you are a crafty girl in my life, expect this for Christmas).  Here’s a sneak peak of the cover!


The book is full color so that the patterns can be used for cross stitch AND perler bead creations.

More on this really soon.  For now, just enjoy the Miraculous Medal pattern.

Your sister in Christ,

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