Everything is cuter in cross stitch.  It’s a fact.  And you know what we all need during these dark political times–more cute (and diligent prayers).

I’m in a funny mood today.  We are leaving on a BIG road trip tomorrow, so instead of packing/laundry/cleaning I am doing something totally silly–making cross stitch patterns.  And you know what, I’m having a ton of fun (so get off my back!).  Before now most of my patterns have been of the Catholic persuasion, and I LOVE those patterns (in fact, I am currently stitching up a BIG project using my Catholic Saint Patterns that I can’t wait to share with you) but today I stepped away from all things strictly Catholic in favor of (dun dun dun) the secular.

<screams of terror!>

So, I’m being a little dramatic, but, this is a bit of a departure for me.  I decided awhile back that I was going to stop being a lame “lifestyle blogger”–meaning a blogger that posted about whatever tickled my fancy–and instead be a Catholic Mommy blogger.  And I love what has happened around here once I dedicated myself to serving this specific and wonderful audience.

But I still kinda love Halloween–all of Halloween.  Even the witches and vampires and zombies, I love it.  The block we live on has gone Halloween NUTS!  One house a few blocks away has transformed their yard into a graveyard and it actually looks like zombies are crawling out of the earth.  We drove by one night and it was all lit up, and I got major goosebumps–IT WAS AWESOME!  Yes it’s all silly compared to the grand feast of All Saint’s Day the following day, but I just can’t help loving Halloween.

And loving all the folksy Thanksgiving stuff.  And even Santa.

These are things I grew up with.  They are characters from stories I love and transforming them into cross stitch characters this afternoon made me happy.  I can’t wait to finish stitching up these projects and adding them to my holiday decor.

So, if you are like me and can’t help but love these silly characters, here are the patterns I worked up.  Each are listed separately for $2, or all three are bundled together for $5.

Our Halloween Friends:


Halloween Characters $2

Our Thanksgiving Friends:


Thanksgiving Characters $2

And our Christmas Friends:


Christmas Characters $2

And the bundle of all 3:

3 Holiday Character Patterns $5

And now that I'm done with the patterns...and this post...I guess this means that I need to get to work getting this family ready for a cross country road trip.  Sigh.

Thank you for indulging me.

In Christ

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