The absolute best sound in the world: Baby Giggles.

Even with just a year and a half between my babies I forget just how magical those sweet little baby giggles are.  They lock eyes with you, their sweet little mouths open and from somewhere deep in their little bellies comes this pure and wonderful laugh.  Its magic.

And praise the sweet Lord, little Josie has had a serious case of the giggles lately.


What I love about baby giggles the most is just how pure and simple they are.  The baby is happy, so they laugh.  There’s no complication, no hidden emotion, nothing, just joy.

So often my emotions are a jumbled mess.  I am happy for my friend, and yet struggling with feelings of envy.  I am thankful for my children, but sometimes paralyzed with anxiety.  I am deeply in love with my husband, but can get so very angry with him.

Very little of what I feel, if anything, seems pure.

I was holding giggly little Josie on my lap a few days ago when I, mostly on a whim, did evening prayer.  And when I got to the Magnificat, little Josie started to giggle.  It was so pure and so sweet.  When I read those first words, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord” I could feel that that was exactly what little Josie was doing.

Through her joy she was proclaiming, with nothing held back, the goodness of God.

Those words Mary says after saying “yes” to God’s whole crazy plan are just like a baby’s laugh–they are pure joy.  Despite all she faced, despite all the unknowns, nothing is held back, nothing is complicated or hidden or sneaky.  From the very depths of her being, from her soul, she is joyful.

I am so very very rare from that pure joy, but that is what I want.

I want to live in a way, each day, that embraces real joy, a joy so deep that is is proclaimed through my life.


I used these beautiful words to create another free coloring page.  I colored mine this morning with the kids (which is why I used crayons!) and as I colored I really thought about what it means to proclaim the greatness of the Lord from the very core of what I am.  How will that transform me as a mom/wife/woman?  I don’t have all the answers, but after thinking and praying and coloring I still have those beautiful words ringing in my ears and I feel lighter.

And I am very glad to have the words of our Blessed Mother running through my mind.

This coloring page is completely free.  Just click the image below to download it.  I ask only that you use it for personal use only


Just one more quick word on these coloring pages.  I know that adult coloring is a “thing” now.  I’m doing more, however, than just jumping on a craze here.  I really believe that the act of crafting and creating can be a prayer.  I have a really hard time slowing down and actually meditating on something–very often it helps if my hands are busy while I pray.  Coloring helps me do that.  Therefore, these coloring pages are meant to be used prayerfully.

Also, I worked very hard to design something beautiful here.  After I color one I like to display for a while in my home–pinned to a bulletin board or resting against the mirror in my bedroom.  Just the sight what I have colored pulls me back into that prayer and reminds me of the resolutions that I made while I colored.

Feel free to use the coloring sheets however you like, but these were my intentions as I made them.

Happy coloring–and God Bless!

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