Reclaim the day free email course for catholic mothers

Today I am launching a new FREE email course for Catholic Mothers everywhere.  I have been laboring over this 7 day course for a long time, and I am finally ready to hit go.  So, sign up, check you inbox, and see what I’ve been up to.

Reclaim the Day!

Free Email Course for Catholic Mothers

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But first, a little back story.

A few weeks back I asked my readers to fill out a simple survey, just 3 questions: What is your biggest struggle as a mother, wife and homemaker.  Over 250 women responded, which was incredible.  For a week I combed through those responses.  I divided them, as best I could, into categories and shared the results here, here and here.

And, spoiler alert, not one a single women wrote that she didn’t have struggles in each of the three categories.

But, that isn’t shocking, right?  I mean, we are humans, prone to selfishness and all sorts of other sins.  Despite the beautiful instgram feeds, we are all imperfect.

What bothered me, however, was the feelings of failure many women shared in the survey.  Some wrote about their failings as homemakers with a sense of hopelessness.  Others spoke about their lack of attention to their marriage with hints of fear that things might never get better.  And many, many women wrote about their struggle to be truly present with their children, and how disappointed they were in themselves.

The life of a mother/wife/homemaker is a whirlwind.  Our best laid plans can be (and often are) high-jaked by little people with grubby hands and limited vocabulary.

And yet, we are called to live better–and not only that, we can live better.

Kids will always be kids, and marriage will always be work, and there will never, ever be enough hours in the day, but with some prayerful planning, order can return to our days.

Reclaim the day free 7 day course for Catholic Mothers

This is why I put together this little email course.  I wanted to create something so much more than a blog post that you read (skim) today and forget about tomorrow.  I wanted to be there helping you (nagging you) to keep going, to make changes, to stick to it, to try again tomorrow and they day after.  

And that is exactly what will happen.  After signing up you will get 7 days of emails from me.  No spam, no promotion, just honest to goodness support, ideas and encouragement to get your mom life in order.  Each day we will tackle a different topic on your PROPERLY ORDERED list of priorities.  Here they are:

#1 God, #2 Me, #3 Husband, #4 Children, #5 Home, #6 Community.

For it is only when our priorities are in order that we can bring order to the rest of our lives and to our families.

So, sign up.  Over the month since I set out the survey I have been working hard to reorder my own life.  I still struggle every day, but I am trying.  Join me.

Reclaim the Day!

Free Email Course for Catholic Mothers

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To help you along I have created a simple little printable for each day of the course.  They mostly call for brainstorming, but I really encourage you to use them.  The act of actually writing something down is very powerful.  In order for change to take place, we need to do something now, even if that something is simply writing down our very best intentions.

Reclaim the day! Free email course for catholic moms

Thanks for all of the support you all have given me here.  I feel so very blessed to have you here.  Now, let’s do this!

Until later,

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Reclaim the Day! Free Course for Catholic Mothers