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Hi friends!

I have been hard at work and I’m excited to share the results with you all today.  I asked my lovely email subscribers a few weeks ago if they would be interested in an email course walking them through all things cross stitch.  A couple dozen ladies wrote that they were very interested, so I am here to delivery!

The free email cross stitch course is all ready for you.  Just sign up, check your email and let’s get stitching!

Once you are signed up you will get 7 emails from me over 7 days.  Here are the topics I cover:

  1. Supplies
  2. Preparing for Success
  3. The First Stitch
  4. Prefect Cross Stitching
  5. Backstitches
  6. French Knot
  7. Finishing the Project

After you read through all of the emails you will know all there is to know about cross stitch.  And I really hope that you love it as much as I do.  Cross stitch is such a stress reliever for me–and one of the cheapest crafts possible.

To make all of this a little more accessible, I made a pattern and it is also included in the course.  The pattern incorporates a little saying from St. Therese, “do small things with great love.”  I may really love this saying!  It just might also be my motto and mantra as a mother, on my good days.

Do Small Things with Great Love

There is a link to the PDF of this pattern in the first email of the course.  Feel free to sign up for the course just to get the pattern if you’d like.  And, if you are an experienced cross stitcher, I’d love it if you took the course and gave me any feedback you could.  I’m always happy to learn more about the craft I love!

So, sign up if you are interested.  After all, we all need a simple little project to do and unwind in the evening as we binge watch Netflix.

Thanks for being here and happy stitching,

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