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Once again your love of the saints, your friendship and your support has blown me away.  BLOWN ME AWAY !  So many of you not only raved about the new 33 Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch I send out into the world last week, but actually bought them.  How fun is that?  (PS–they are available for $3 for just one more day!)  And, if you are like me, you headed right to the craft store to get thread and aida cloth!  I can’t wait to see your little creations.  Thank you to all who have already shared pictures.  It really makes my day!  Keep them coming.

Today I wanted to share a few ideas for using these saint patterns.  Full disclosure, both of these ideas are from my readers, not me.  People are always emailing with ideas and many of them are so good I just have to either make them a reality for my own family or share them with the world.  And so, here are two brilliant ideas for using these Cross Stitch Saint Patterns in fun, meaningful and educational ways:

#1 Stitch up a Family Patron Saint Sampler

Below is a picture of what I am currently working on for my own family.

Bandzuch Patron Saints

I can’t tell you how in love with this I am.  Our family has some powerful intercessors and I want to celebrate that.  Plus, once this is done I plan to frame it and hang it prominently in our home.  Already the kids are looking at it and asking why St. Andrew has an X shaped cross behind him or why St. Josephine is wearing chains.  It has provided our little family with an easy way to teach about these important saints.

If you’d like to put together you own little Patron Saint Sampler, feel free to use the “Pray For Us” chart below.  HERE IS THE PDF READY TO PRINT.  There are 3 different font options for you.  Use what you like or adapt it into something you like even better.

Pray for Us

If you would prefer to have me whip up a pattern for you with wording and your saints on one neat PDF, just leave a comment or shoot me an email (nancy . verly @ gmail . com) and we’ll work something out.

#2 Create a Feast Day Calendar

A reader just sent me this idea and I LOVE it.  She is stitching up each saint I’ve created, arranged by feast day.  I think this idea would be extra cool for Homeschooling households.  Each month you can take out the new Cross Stitch Saint calendar.  It will help the family be even more aware of all the Holy men and women of our faith.

saint my feast days

Because I do plan on doing this for myself I spent an evening looking up all of the saints’ feast days and plugged them into this neat little spread sheet.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF OF ALL 93 SAINTS AND THEIR FEAST DAYS.

Aren’t those great ideas?  Seriously, you guys are smart!

Keep sending me your ideas.  I love them and feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many clever, holy, creative women.

All the very best and God bless,

Name Picture

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