I have never shared one of my birth stories before, and I don’t plan on getting into all of the details, but here is a little bit about how our Josephine made her appearance earlier this week.

On Tuesday we welcomed Josepine Frances to the clan–which was a bit of a surprise to everyone, me included.  Late last week I tested positive for cholestasis of the liver and after an ultrasound on Monday afternoon, where it was discovered that my fluid levels were low, my midwife talked me into an induction…that night.  I was sitting there nodding along with her, not really understanding that she was talking about today, tonight.

So, the rest of the day was a bit of a whirlwind.  We hadn’t expected the baby to come so soon since I wasn’t due until May 26th–I had yet to pull out any of the baby stuff, or get Dominic out of the crib, or anything.  In fact, most of these things are still not done.  But, my wonderful mother jumped in her car and started driving the 7 hours down here to Kansas.  I made a huge Walmart run (which helped the baby drop!), ran home, packed a bag and headed right back to the hospital to start the induction process.

Monday night we did just a few gentle things to get labor to kick in and thanks to a sleep aid, I actually got a very nice night’s rest.  And, since I have in the past always labored through an entire night, this was a nice treat.

Josephine and Mom

We started the pitocin the following morning and by lunch time it was game on.  Since my last two labors have been done without painkillers, we didn’t consider using any this time.  It was rough, labor always is, but that relief after the baby is born is so wonderful.

However, I didn’t make it through the pain on my own.  My wonderful husband was there every minute of the experience and was a tremendous help with the pain.  I also had a fabulous midwife and labor and delivery nurse.  After each of my births I marvel at the jobs these people have.  They are there for such an intense experience in your life–and this is their job.  It’s crazy.  I feel like I am forever bonded to these people, and since my little Josephine was born they have most likely aided in the birth of other babies.  Wild.

Anyway, Josephine was born at 1:58pm on May 10th.  She was some dark hair, came out hungry and is just so sweet.


We left the hospital Wednesday evening and have been laying low at home since.  The older 3 kids have spent a lot of time loving on her and that might be one of my favorite things to see.

The infant days don’t get any easier, no matter how many times you go through them.  This time around, however, I am trying very hard not to over do it.  In the past I have tried to bounce right back, only to get knocked down hard the second week.  It is really hard for me to just slow down and let others take care of me, but I’m trying to be better this time around.

Josephine Frances

So, that’s life around here right now.  The days are blending together, but they are good days and we are feeling very, very blessed.

Thanks for being here and for all of your love and support!

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