St. Josephine Bakhita free cross stitch pattern

Well, it is a little bananas around here at the moment.  We got back from a whirlwind trip back to Minnesota on Sunday night which allowed us some wonderful time with family and friends.  Monday and Tuesday my husband stayed home and allowed me to take Josie to a doctor’s appointment without the rest of the crew.  But today, we were back to real life.  Bill headed to work and I was left to figure out how to manage this unruly crew of 4 kids.  For the most part things went well.  Some wonderful Kansas City friends set up a meal train for us (yay!) and we didn’t try anything too ambitious.

Little Miss Josie is continuing to be a sweet little baby who loves to snuggle all day long.  It’s great, just an adjustment for me and my precious to-do list.  It’s hard to type or stitch while holding a baby…although I’ve already done both today!  I guess there’s no stopping a chronic doer…

Josephine 2 weeks

In fact, I’ve been meaning to write about St. Josephine Bakhita (the saint we named little Josie after) for several days now, as well as share the cross stitch pattern of this saint, and here I am finally getting around to it.

So, first off, have you heard of St. Josephine Bakhita?  She is super cool.  You can read all about her life HERE.  I won’t try to write her whole biography here, but as a child she was kidnapped and enslaved.  She suffered terrible torture and yet, well, read her quote:

St. Josephine Bakhita Quote

Makes me think twice about all the complaining and belly-aching I can do!  St. Josephine was known for her smile and freice love of the Lord.

She is a bit of a new saint for me.  In fact, I first came across her last fall.  After I released my first cross stitch saint patterns I had a request for a few more diverse saints, and one of the saints requested specifically was St. Josephine Bakhita.  So, I read up on her, as I do with all of the saint patterns I make, and I was profoundly moved by her story.

So, even though this pattern is part of the 21 more catholic saints in cross stitch bundle, that you can still get for just $2, I wanted to offer it to you for free.  The more people that hear about and fall in love with this amazing saint the better!

The image below is the pattern, or you can download the PDF HERE.

St. Josephine Bakhita cross stitch pattern

Well, duty calls.

I hope you are all doing well!