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It’s spring big-time around here.  The grass is nearly florescent, the trees are covered in blooms and all of a sudden tulips are bursting open.  Since I always loved May Crowning as a kid, flowers get me thinking about Mary, even now as an adult.  So, in preparation of that–and because it’s just plain fun, I drew up some simple Paper Dolls of Mary that allow a child to color and then “dress up” Our Lady while learning about all the different titles we have for her.

Although they are just paper, and therefore not super durable, we love playing with these paper dolls.  Once one set gets ripped or lost, I just pull up the PDF once again (which it totally free) and we print it again!  And I say we.  I might have as much fun dressing up Mary as my little Bernadette.

If you want to print up a Paper Mary Doll for your family, this PDF is totally free, and is actually part of an entire eBook of crafts I put together called, “A Month of Small Things for Mary”.  All free.  Just sign up for my newsletter, and the eBook, including this project, will arrive in your inbox!

A Month of Small Things for Mary

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Mary paper doll

Even though I know this is overkill, once you download and print the PDF on sturdy cardstock, here are the step for putting together these Paper Marian Dolls:

  1. Color
  2. Cut out all of the little pieces
  3. Fold up the base and support strip on the main Mary figure.  Tape the support strip to the back of the paper doll.
  4. And then, apply a small piece of tape to the back of each “dress-up” piece and have fun dressing her up.

As we dress up our doll I like to practice all of Mary’s different titles with my kids.  We talk about her Immaculate Heart, that she gave us the Rosary, the fact that she is the Mother of God as well as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  I love that as we play with this doll the kids seem to grow more and more impressed with Mary.  “She’s all of those things?” they say.  Yeah, I know, it’s pretty impressive.

If you are interested in what is all included in the eBook, A Month of Small Things for Mary, you can check out the details HERE.


A Month of Small Things for Mary--FREE eBOOK!

I packed the eBook with some of my best Marian crafts.  Each week there is a project for Mom AND the Kids.  The kids and I plan on working our way through these projects once again this May as a way of honoring and growing closer to our Mother.

Mary Paper Doll Dressup Free Printable

Once again, this is totally free!

A Month of Small Things for Mary

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Thanks, as always, for being here!

I hope you are having a very happy and holy Easter Season!

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